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Friday, June 22, 2018

fmf | Ocean

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You might simply flip when you read this next line, but It's true.

Our kids have never walked the shores of the ocean.  

They've never seen its massiveness nor smelt its salty smells.  They have seen plenty of shells and have heard many a story, but to experience the hot sand between their toes and to hear the constant lapping of waves....?  Well, they haven't.  Not yet... anyway.  That actually may change later this summer... as we, Lord Willing, head to NC and VA for a week of much anticipated vacation.

Our kiddos have been enjoying a week of Vacation Bible School at their Grandma Rhoda's church.  Last evening, we had some time to kill.  Mind you, we live 40-45 minutes away from her church - but due to another time commitment we were actually early (for a change!)... and we needed something to do.  Honestly, someone needed to use "the facilities"- QUICK!! ... and this is what immediately came to mind.

It was an easy choice.  The Fishing Pier of Lake Nockamixon.

Now... we've been here before, but its been awhile.  There definitely was a fresh draw and an intense awe.  If you know what I mean?  You would have thought we had found a "treasure chest"...everywhere we looked.  From skipping stones, to finding "seaweed", shells, spotting a heron, and fish bone/skeleton ... oh, and the fistful of flowers... are always a treasure in and of themselves.

Enjoy the photos of our brief visit to the lake/"ocean".  I wish I had gotten a few more photos with the kids in the frame...but, we'll take what we got!

The moments sped by and we needed to head off to VBS.   Where we continued to learn more about God's Creation.   Oh, the depths of his love....

PS:  Do you know how many times I heard the begging to go back to the water, again...today?!??
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Saturday, June 16, 2018

fmf | restore {It's time to move!}

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Joel 2:25a... So, I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust have eaten...
Today. This weekend.  It will be exactly one year ago... that our lives would be ultimately changed.  I don't want to say "turned upside down"...but, at times, it sure has felt that way.

On these dates, back on
June 16-17, 2017
Our family had just purchased our first home and had plans to move (on the 17th) and the night before, our move, I was in a pretty much head on collision (my girls were with me, our vehicle totaled... and I sustained a fractured sternum.)  This was not planned!!
Albeit to say.  I was no help with the move.  I was the "last thing" moved out of the old (farm)house and the "last thing" settled into the new one.  I had to sit and watch others settle my new home for me...

Oh, I healed up - but it took time.  And, to this day... I can still feel the effects.

Looking back, this was a pretty stressful year.  Up until this point we had been on an AMAZING health journey, since 2015 - where we felt like we were in our early twenties again, even though - truth be told I literally just turned 45 years of age...this past Sunday.  I would have easily told you, before all this happened, that I felt like I was 23, 24... something like that?  It was incredible.  This part of "going back" is different as in, its a way of going forward.  I think you know what I mean.

However, stress can really, really play havoc on a person's body.   To the point where you just "wanna go back".  Give up!!!   Back to where life was "easier".   Back to where life "wasn't bumpy".  Where is wasn't "hard"...
(cue.  the story of the Children of Israel - in the desert - wanting to go back to Egypt.  Remember that story?)  The thing is... Stress, in this context, for me, made it feel like I literally was going backwards in my health... and I think I did.  It wasn't fun. Or, impressive.  To gain weight again, again?  To not have the same energy and zest that I had just experienced months prior.
This health journey we're (still) currently on, though... wow!! If it wasn't for these products and such, over the course of this past year... I honestly DO NOT KNOW where we would be, right now.  They have helped us, get through, so much.  So, so much.  It would have only been worse..

In a different aspect... because, it is also a nice little side-hustle for us... and in building this business (which, it is growing, by the way!!)... but, it too has been hard.  And, stressful at times.  What business isn't, right?

So - through out this year, the theme of my heart has been the word - Grow or Growth!!  It has been that one word, for my year! and if you've been reading here for awhile or even if you're new... you know I've talked about this... word!!  Quite a few times...

Well. I wanna switch gears here for a second and I hope you stay with me... I promise I will bring it all back around.
You know the thumbs up/like button on social media?   I wanna talk about this for a second, but in a different sort of way.
So, with our side business and health journey... My hubby and I were able to attend our second convention, this past weekend.  Held in Orlando.  Obviously, we flew.  I have only flown a handful of times.  And, I'm always grateful that I am with my hubby - that he's by my side.  (On a side note... the day I fly solo - without him - I will know I have grown a "couple of inches" in my confidence.  Wow!!)... anyway.  SO,I'm not real confident and we're about to take off.   The plane is full... and I have to tell you.  Where I happened to be sitting... I could see straight into the cockpit area.  For whatever reason the cabin doors were open still and I had a small window to see into the cabin area.  I could see the Captain's head looking over towards his co-pilot...and then next thing I saw in that little window; my little line of vision, was The THUMB'S UP to the air-traffic controllers!!!!
This meant the Captain was ready.  The plane was loaded and ready.  And - we began the motion of going and moving forward and upward.

That momentum propelled us to leave behind where we were and move on the greater heights.

Thumbs up - meant it was all Okay!!

It was a very powerful moment for me... and it still is as I think about it.  (yes, there are tears as I'm typing.)   Why do I think I ever want to go back... "back to Egypt"?
I want to live my life in such a way - that others feel the "thumbs up".  That they will see and feel a positive influence.   That they will be encouraged by my SMILE and words offered in hope!!  That they will want to hear what I have to say and will love me for it.

Whether it is in their health; their finances; their various opportunities.... as a ticket agent of influence I'm moving forward and upward... and folks are welcome to come along for the ride.

Obviously, we cannot control our destiny.  That is in the hands of GOD Almighty.    But, I believe he calls us to walk through hills and valleys.  He is the God of the Mountain as well as God in the Valley.   Sometimes, it will be those two steps forward, that one step back.
But... when we trust the process.  I'm going to say it again...
BUT, WHEN WE TRUST THE PROCESS... we can rest confident  our life is in his hand!  He's got big things in store for us.  Changes, planned or unplanned, on our behalf, are all still part of HIS plan.  No matter what we feel about it.  Whether we like those feelings or not.  Or, if we have to "stop" and let others do for us, for awhile.  

I just want to add this at the end, real quick.  That Thumb's UP motion from that Captain spoke volumes to me.   I felt a peace wash over me... Something I was surprised by.  To me it was a signal and sign of  "agreement".  All was right, and okay!!  It's time to move.  It's to keep going.   

Thumbs Up!!

restoreLinking up with Five Minute Friday - for the prompt word : restore - I have taken liberty to go beyond the five minutes, with my own theme, yet in keeping with the prompt.   Thank you for reading!! 

Sunday, June 3, 2018

fmf:: return (of gratitude)

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Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.
 It turns what we have into enough and more.
It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion to clarity.  It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home and a stranger into a friend.  ~ Melody Beattie

This quote speaks volumes to me, simply because... I know it is a place where I need to (humbly) return to.
Having a consistent heart of gratitude.

When we "return" thanks... Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread... is more than than just a rote saying and prayer.  Its being grateful for what is enough.  Recognizing, the grace we need today... is not for also tomorrow, but only... for today.  And, then... we "return" with thanks and gratitude for only that portion.... and we are satisfied.
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Friday, May 18, 2018

fmf :: Should I tell you..?

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Earlier this month was our 13th Wedding Anniversary. 

I don't know that too many know - but the ones that do, have gotten used to it, or perhaps they've forgotten.  But my husband and I met through eHarm*ny!!
Yes, that is right.

It's funny how we even "forget" that, that is how we met.  You know.  When something God ordains, like meeting your spouse through "unexpected" ways, means many friends and family may be surprised!!  Which they were.

It's not like we kept anything a secret or anything... it is just the way it was meant to be.  Through a short courting period and a nine month engagement...here is what was kept a secret.

Where we were going for our honeymoon!
It drove many, many people crazy.
It drove me semi-nuts...

Wanna know why?

Because.  I didn't know where we were going either.

My hubby had it all planned out.
He generalized what kinds of things I might need to pack... but that was it.
Oh, he's so good at surprises.   And... He's done this several times since.  All in good and fun and helpful ways.  Don't worry.  He is not a secretive person or not forthcoming... always honest.  Which, I love and appreciate...

But, it drives our 3 kiddos bonkers, too!!  :)  "Dad's got a secret brewing again...!!"

You know what I think, about the not-knowing part, in regards to our honeymoon?

Should I tell you?  Or, should I keep my thoughts to myself...?

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Monday, May 7, 2018

fmf :: Adapt

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This randomly growing dandelion caught my eye, this morning.  A flower seemingly out of place.  Should I pull it?  Ahh... I know some folks call these weeds, but I don't.  I won't.  There often found in the fistfuls of flowers - handed over by my Littles.  They are a bright spot, or two, or many, dotted across the yard...bringing me smiles.  But, this one?  Smack dab in the middle of another patch of beauty, trying to steal another's thunder?    I had to let it go.   I thought of this prompt word from Friday which I hadn't gotten to writing abou yet and this reminded me...

"Bevy, bloom where you're planted!!"

I continued to speak to myself... lol... 
"Yeah.  So what if you're still adapting.  Its coming up on a year in this new place.  You're doing great!! You're meeting new people, making new friends.  The kids are doing great - so is your hubby!!   The house is coming together.  It's slow - but there is progress.  You can still SHINE - even if you sometimes feel outta place.  You're okay!!!" 

Right now... we've been working outdoors - changing things up a bit, in the garden beds.  Making things more of our own.  The kids have been helping a lot.  We've had to really get used to doing our own lawn care, etc.  I got to thinking how plants (keeping with our theme of growing and growth)... plants, adapt very easily to new environments.  For the most part.  A little TLC goes a long, long way.
They certainly have no problem in being uprooted... they settle their roots again, where placed.  Granted - this one - I didn't plant.  God did.

 So it is, here.  With me.  Tender love and care... has been a reality.  Quiet changes along the way.  Some rough patches.  Lots of patience - or, working on it!!  But... the roots are taking depth...ever so slightly. I'm grateful for God's provision - might not be exactly what we wanted... but it what HE wanted.  For now.

To adapt is one thing.  To adapt well... and thrive, is another!!

How about you?  
Blooming where planted?
Thought you might like to see my Littles... :)
 They're growing up - aren't they?
(Makes me tear up!!)
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