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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Within our Reach! {The Weekend Brew :: Five Minute Friday}

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Well, here we are.  It's late Sunday evening and I like "never" post on a Sunday...much less on the weekend.  But, I missed Friday's post - the link up to Five Minute Friday (which I love being a part of, by the way) and it feels so strange that I've missed as I have had a post brewing in my heart and mind all weekend with little or rather no time to get it out there.

As well, I've recently been invited to participate (when I'm able) in this particular link up as well.  The Weekend Brew - with Barbie, from My Freshly Brewed Life.  And, since I'm such a fond lover of coffee... I thought I'd take a seat with my cup of coffee (by my side) and allow 5 minutes (this is where the FMF part comes in) of my time to share some "encouragement" with you tonight.
**Disclaimer:  I am pretty tired, this evening.  This may make absolutely no sense whatsoever.  Be forewarned.  :)

My Freshly Brewed Life.

(linking with both of these, tonight!)


Are you surprised that this may be yet another laundry related post?
I read the prompt for Five Minute Friday the other day, but as I mentioned - I had little to zero time to get anything in place.
As I read the prompt word - REACH - I knew my thoughts were, at least, headed in the right direction.

I was already out to the wash line once that morning.  The sun was shining so beautiful.  And I really do have to reach up, high, to get to the highest part and beginning of my line.  As I did that... I was thinking.
Here I am - reaching up.  Grabbing hold of something.  It seems like not much to hold on to  - I mean what is a wash line.  Thin and narrow... but a straight line?  Albeit; it is attainable.

These clothes will be pinned there - for a while - stationary as they may be.  But, holding firmly onto this place in time for a short while.  Soaking up the goodness of this radiant and warming sunshine.
My prayer-life is like all of this, in a sense.  I want it to be, as it were, the article of clothing ... set in place... on this constant line of grace.  Unchanging.  This line...it's always there.  Up high, yet within reach.

Our prayer shouldn't just get thrown to the wind in hopes it'll reach heaven.
Instead, right prayers, true prayer, will hold fast in hope to the One who is within our reach.  Unchanging.  Constant.  Unending.  Always there for us.  Attainable.

A verse had come to mind... while out at the wash line that morning.

Incline your ear, and come unto me: hear, and your soul shall live; and I will make an everlasting covenant with you, even the sure mercies of David.  ~ Isaiah 55:3

We have to do our part.  Incline or reach toward.  He bends low and He {willingly} hears.

As well, verses from Psalm 86 - the whole chapter - (a prayer of David) speak to the surety we as believers have in Christ!
His steadfast love and abounding love...is so great!  Even the way He inclines his ear towards us...is faithful!

Now... these are promises we can pin to the line!

May you have a safe and wonderful Labor Day!
And Happy 1st day of September...to all.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Parsley pickin's

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There is great comfort knowing parsley has been happily a part of my flower bed garden...for all summer long!  Nothing quite like it.  Stepping outdoors and plucking off a "bunch" whenever needed...it's simply perfect!!

This goes for the basil too... but, that's already gone to seed and we know what I like to do with that? :)

Well, it's time to harvest, dry and store the parsley.

Before this guy gets to it all - first!
Actually, he and three of his best buds were having quite the feast this morning...
Undecided, still, exactly which method for  drying the parsley I would like to implement.

Any particular recommendation?

As well, I'm interested in hearing your favorite uses for parsley.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A moment to remember...

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The Best Day Ever!

This was Caleb's second day of school... and Aubrey's first official day!

We implored our son, "Listen Caleb... this will be Aubrey's first time riding on the school bus.. be sure to care for her...keep her safe."

He made me proud, yesterday!

It is hard to tell by that first photo there, that they were holding hands as they slowly crossed the street, together.  But the second their feet hit the driveway... they were off in a flash!  Racing to the front porch and Mama's open arms.  Well... I had to take a few photos first.

As you can see by their smiles... this was indeed... the best day ever!

And a smile - just as big - was thrown across my heart.  To stay.
This was a moment to remember.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Quotidian :: tis the season...

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Ahh!  Do you hear that?  Listen.  it's Silent.

Did you know that Silent and Listen are spelled with the exact same letters.  I love knowing that fact. I just read that on a poster the other day - and well, it stilled me to ponder it for a moment..

I say all this to say...
It's the end of one of the longest days ever!  A good day but a C.R.A.Z.Y. busy one to boot.  The sun has set in the west... I think the only sound I actually do hear are the crickets out in the meadow.  It's well after 9pm. I think it was around 8 pm and I was still getting laundry off the line.  Just a mere 12 hours before, at 8 AM,  I was standing at the end of my driveway with my son, ready to put him on the bus for his very first day of Second Grade!

Grandma Susie was here for the weekend.  She came sometime on Thursday.  Her goal was to be here long enough to see this big guy off on the Yellow 54 and she succeeded.  Of course, we had to take photos... and Miss A is ready and waiting to head off with Mama, later in the day, to her Kindergarten orientation. Tuesday (tomorrow!)  is her turn to make it an official bus rider, as well.  She's super excited about that - but even more so with actually heading off to school, school!  The real deal.  Not just a preschool...

But before the mid-day orientation took place.  We headed up to the garden (25-30 minutes away) for more of the same.  Green stuff.  Beans, cucumbers and a few beets.  ((I'm learning a thing or two about growing red beets.  They're something else!))  We were back home two hours later... ready to start cleaning these guys..
Someone asked me, recently, for the recipe for my beets!  Stay-tuned... I think a separate post will be along shortly to cover that...

But, through it all the washer was running and desperately so.. because, I don't know if you remember me saying something last week about us doing 1,000 + ears on Saturday, because we did!  We ended up doing 1,300  to be exact!  We ALL were a corny, muddy mess.  We had such a wonderful, steady - all-day-long-sort of heavy rain all day Saturday but that didn't stop us.  We had lots of willing helpers.. (no pics though)... and Scott and I came home with 53 pint/quart bags of the most Incredible, yellow corn there is to be had. That is the name of the corn as well... Incredible!  It lives up to it's name.  So yummy!

While the adults were working their tushes off and having fun... the kids were muddying up theirs and having fun, too!  Lots of puddles to be explored.  And three little wiped out children on the way home.  The bath time, that evening, never felt so good in all our lives.  There is nothing quite like a bowl of hot creamy potato soup and buttery, flaky biscuits on a cold and rainy evening.

We hoped for a quiet 3rd birthday for Jayne on Sunday!  We did sort of have one. It was a beautiful day. Both grandmothers were here and one Uncle and his girlfriend stopped by... but, all in all, it was a quiet day. Because most of the family was gathered together Saturday for the corn party - we took cupcakes along and sang for her there.  We just saved the actual gift-giving for her actual birthday.

So, I have a question for you.

Have you ever heard the word Quotidian before?  It means: of or occurring every day; daily; ordinary or everyday, especially when mundane.

Well, that is truly what this post feels like.  Like I'm sharing the daily, ordinary and mundane...
 It tis a season!

The Quotidian.

I love word and this one has caught my attention while reading this dear friend's blog.  She says it's not original with her but that the idea to make this a running blog post theme... well, it came from here.

I hope that neither of these ladies mind that I have adopted the the phrase to describe my blog post for today - because anymore if my posts (as of the past several weeks/Mondays) don't include a photo of laundry, picked flowers, green beans and a mug of coffee or tea in some form or fashion then something is awfully wrong... because that seems to be the story of my life here of late.  Well, coffee is a given.  There is no questioning that one.. and a photo isn't even necessary!  And so are flowers picked - a given, as well. 

How do you like the basil gone-to-seed as part of the flower arrangement?  Pretty nice, eh?

So, thanks for reading along today!!  I - like I said - I am surely enjoying the quiet moment of just coming to this place here this evening and putting out a sigh of relief that we're here on this side of the day.

To which I thank the Good Lord for his faithfulness..


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Friday, August 22, 2014

Five Minute Friday :: Change

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:: go ::
If you know me well, you know that I don't like change.  One way to tell?  I hardly ever... meaning NEVER... change a room around.  Our home pretty much looks the same since the day we moved in.  The furniture... yup! it still sits in the same spot(s).
Until fairly recent.
We've had to move some around for acquiring and moving in a piano.
Or, because a certain door needs to be opened to allow for better air circulation... don't worry that is only a summer thing and I'll change it back to the way I like the room, best!, for the winter months...
But... truth is!
I don't like it.  I don't like change.
Not one bit.

Several years I while working at our local Christian bookstore as a cashier, I was asked to relocate to a different department within the store.  That change did not go over so well for me.
I remember the angst it brought to my poor little ole heart. :)
And then, while reading in Proverbs, chapter 31 I think verse 25  I read the verse that said...
She is clothed with strength and dignity... she can laugh at the days to come!

Oh really?
It was one of those verses I used to browse over..

I began praying about being just this.
Clothed with strength and dignity.
Being so at peace, that I can or could laugh at the days or changes to come!

I wrote out a prayer in the margin of my Bible, and included several different dates.  Recording there that this prayer has served me more than once when it comes to changes I find occuring in my life.

I'll include it here.

Clothe my heart, Oh Lord, with strength and dignity...
I'm so afraid of change and facing new challenges...
Allow me to feel your power, courage and strength.
To take on and go forward with new experiences.
Help me Lord to take "risks" and to enjoy each new experience...
Knowing it is a total growing process.
There will be no fear in my heart!
I can laugh at the days to come.  Amen!
:: stop ::

Taking just five minutes to write, in a community, all on the same topic or word prompt.   No pressure!  No over thinking.  No need to fear what folks will say... there is lots of encouragement to be had!
 You're welcome to join in... click the link above to read more about Five Minute Friday!!

Have yourself a wonderful weekend!
Blessings to each one...of you, my readers!
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