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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Some of the little Christmas Joys in our home...this season!

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Our children will often beg to go to the Golden Arches - for lunch or dinner!  
Whose don't?
I rightly and quickly respond, Nah... how about to the Silver Bells Cafe, instead?
 An appropriate response for this Christmas Season... don't you think?

Of course, I'll usually get a quirky smirk...and a wry look from the eye!
But, all is well in our hearts and home.

And, little bellies are filled to the brim and settled once more.

“God bless us, every one!”
Tiny Tim in Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ (1843)

How is your week going so far?

Friday, December 12, 2014

Five Minute Friday :: Prepare

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Joining up with Five Minute Friday - and today's prompt is: Prepare.
Oh hello!  Remember me?  I am known as just 'One-of-the-crowd', here to share what happened that night as I went to pay a visit to the Christ-child... that first night!

I stand humbled in the serene of a world turned white.  The snow is falling.  Falling.  Biggest flakes I ever did see; like cotton.  They gather up and pile; all pillowy - as if they can add any more to my joy!  And, they do.

It's quiet - though not still.  My thoughts and these flakes conjure for my memory sake and I marvel as I recall the scene I encountered that night.  Almost as if I stumbled onto the most picturesque thing I ever did see; amidst the dusty and dark.

It was there.  This pure, white glow, reminding me of snow.  Surrounding them - maybe it came from the steaming of breath of all the livestock gathered there.  But nothing ... nothing more... was truer than this.  My world was turned upside down and inside out; swirling, twirling just like it was now, at the mere sight of this. This baby!

I think back to that moment.  The Child's Mother - bending low.  Her voice barely audible as she bid me come.


She picked up her son and held him close to her bosom.  Escaping her lips and into his ear, these words that so impressed my heart and mind... 'my precious, little lamb'.

Did she just say 'lamb'?  I swallowed hard... I didn't understand.

I shuffled over to kneel beside her...sitting in the silence.  Nary the bleating of sheep nor lowing of cattle seemed out of place, here. Neither, the slight snore of the bone-weary man off in the corner. Except for me! I began to feel a slight imposition.  My own admission, of course... I wasn't really meant to be part of this... this picture.  Was I?

Why was I there?  I remembered distinctly the imposturous feeling sweep over me.  Yet, the longing to stay was surreal.  The glance from Mary's sweet face; gentle and mild, convinced me, pleaded with me, that to be in HIS presence was all that I needed, and, all I wanted to know.

Nothing could prepare me for what happened next...

I  remember stepping outdoors to catch my breath!  There was this impeccable stillness. Incredible - Peace on Earth!  The snow had hushed its quiet-fury and settled into all the deep and dark.  Bringing with it a much needed definition.  My mind still graveling to grasp the significance of this wondrous story that Mary had just shared with me in that quiet night of meeting.

I too... treasured up and pondered... this Miracle-birth!  My heart.. could now... fully and willingly prepare Him room!

Joining up, today, with Kate from Heading Home and the FMF link-up.  
Today's word prompt was: Prepare

Have yourself a wonderful weekend!

Until next time....

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Dreams and Broken Wings

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So, it's that time again!  Christmas!!  Where the kids have each shared their Christmas Dreams or Wishes and one of these is on Caleb's list.  (You might want to check it out!! - please, if you can take a minute...it will be helpful for understanding - what this post is about.)

Guess what we found him playing with over the weekend?
Why, this hanger - of all things... or part of it, thereof.

We should probably return the store-bought item which just so happens to be hiding in the closet.  What do you think?  We could save ourselves a buck or two...

He has been having such a blast with this..this plane-hanger... and honestly, I'm kinda glad my kid can be content with a simple ole clothes hanger.  
Because, even I can't wait for Christmas this year..

In fact. This was funny...
So, he's standing in the kitchen - Sunday Morning... just hanging out off to the one side of the room.  A bit odd, I thought.  Here he is ..kind of glancing off into space, with the said hanger-turned-plane in hand, when my husband walks through the kitchen, just in front of him, and we hear, "Dad - stop messing up the galaxy."  What?!?!?!?! 

((Scott and I - We just rolled with laughter...))

Here all the "dust particles", that he could see in the sunlight had become his star studded outer space.
With the single shake of a kitchen towel - I filled his universe once more!

Oh boy!!  Wait till he sees what will be hiding "under the tree"... on Christmas Day!

Here he is showing me all the imaginary controls, and all the seats and all the "whatever else" goes into a plane...

And... yes!  We're sporting a broken pinky.  This happened about a week and a half ago, while playing catch football... with one of his uncles.

He goes back for follow up x-ray's, sometime today.

I'm praying for "healing in the wings"... that his finger will be fine and we can resume to what is called normal activity.  Can you believe me if I say - not much has changed, though, in his busyness. He is STILL all one bundle of action packed fun... and not much stops him.

Until next time...

UPDATED to ADD, regarding Caleb's broken pinky finger:
The Dr. visit today entailed more xrays.  The finger is healing - slowly - it appears we'll still be on activity "restrictions" and a bandaged splint will be "our friend" for the next two weeks.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Winter Warmth and Cheer

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Darting outdoors through a wintery mix of rain and snow - I wasn't expecting to see this bright flash of bold yellow amidst the cold and dreary blades of grass - on this here, the ninth day of December!

Can we say...
Late Bloomer?
Ray of Sunshine?
Warmth and Cheer?

Oh, you're sure trying - aren't you, Miss Dandi...

Well... thank you!  Thank you, kindly for your efforts.

It did bring me a smile, today!!  


And you, dear reader?  What have you noticed - ordinary, yet not-so-ordinary, in the busy rush of the season?  Are you taking time to slow and enjoy yourself?  Are you spreading that joy to others...?

People don't notice whether it's winter or summer when they're happy.  ~  Anton Chekhov

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Five Minute Friday :: Dear...

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The five-minute-friday word prompt is Dear...
I thought to write a letter.

Dear Innkeeper, of Bethlehem,

Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks!
I know you don't know me from Adam - but, I saw what happened last night.  I watched what unfolded...you were amazing.

Tired and exhausted, yourself, I'm sure, from wrangling these pressing crowds through here this week...but... seriously... I saw when that tall, strong yet weary looking man knocked on your door last night.  His wife - beside him- on that too-small-a-beast - she too, looked the part.  Uncomfortable and tired - like she was about to give birth or something.  I couldn't exactly tell...

I was surprised - that you even opened your door.

I've been following them for awhile; noticing their gentle, urgent determination to find shelter and it seemed like every door they knocked on - they were either turned away or folks didn't even bother to answer..
But. You.  You answered their knock..
You opened your door!
You took them in!
You smiled.
You gave.
Even if it was the only place left.

Your dirtiest and dingiest... the least expected.

I'm sure there were no complaints... at all!!

You do realize that, that one single act of grace and goodness, on your part, led to quite a stir last night, right?

Then, there was this singing last night, LOUD SINGING...did you hear it?  I thought I was dreaming...apparently not.  Because earlier today, and this is what prompted me to write this letter... while talking to a passel of rough-looking, red-eyed shepherds, this morning, who obviously got little to no sleep; they said that they encountered a host of angels during the night - telling them about this baby born last night down there in your stable... where does that come from?  Who gets angels singing - announcing their birth?  Must be something special... Someone extra special.

It certainly is all the buzz of the marketplace...oh, and there was something, too... about stars being extra bright!  One really big one... I couldn't tell you, I missed it.

These shepherds said they had to go see this baby for themselves.  Can you imagine that?  Guess, I don't blame them..

I just can't believe they're still talking about it, as in all daaay long - to everyone they meet!!  It's like they're worshipping this Christ-child.  At least, that's what they were calling this baby...

All I can say if it wasn't for you - Innkeeper! - there might not have been any real excitement to ponder or news to joy in - in this crazy, busy, overwhelmed-with-people town last night!
Well.... not that there isn't exciting stuff constantly going on around here... it's just that - this is different!  Can I say - life changing?  I don't know, if that's even possible... its just something I've been thinking about.  Anyway...

Thank you for letting me ramble on so...I really appreciate it.
I'm just so curious, myself, as to Who and what this is all about.  

Babies equate gifts. I just don't really have one to bring... but maybe, maybe I'll just have to bring myself.  I'm sure that'll be enough..

Again, thank you!! Thanks for taking time...

Signed Sincerely,
Your fellow-townsman, a.k.a.

PS:  Last minute thought, here.  If you can take a moment, find a way, from your busy day, would you like to go with me?  To see this here Christ-child?  Perhaps; bring your family...your friends.
Let's not be strangers...anymore.  Neither to each other, nor to Him!

Taking liberty to go beyond writing for five minutes, today!  Until next time... have a Blessed weekend!
Joining up with Kate M. at Heading Home for Five Minute Friday!
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