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Friday, March 15, 2019

fmf | place (what if...)

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I realize this favorite phrase of mine - is also a place where many of us dwell but not to many take the leap from.   Would you ponder this with me, today?  What if...

What if...You didn't always have to feel that sickness come on for that oh-so long and oh-so often amount of time?
What if... YOU were the one to feel stronger, feel better and able to smile again?
What if...you prayed and this was your answer?
What if...you could dream again?   This time, BIGGER!!
What if...you thought you were to go here or there and do this or that...but instead, THIS!  This is your place and you fit!!
What if...you decide instead that you are totally worth it - not your things or your stuff... but YOU!

Listen, friend.  I want to tell you something.
All of these  things used to be my "what if's" and now they are my reality.  What if the change you see in me -- could be the change you see in you?

I offer #hope!  A #solution.  There is so much potential.

There is a time and a place to pay attention.

PlaceJoining with the Five Minute Friday community and taking on the prompt word: Place  
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Friday, March 1, 2019

fmf | search

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Someone near and dear to me (and, I won't mention names) is on a quest...to actually hear GOD's voice.  They're discouraged and sad that it so far isn't or hasn't been an audible voice for them.  Whenever, we get to connect about it - we try to encourage but with futile words, because even ours won't readily be heard.  We say - "Sometimes, you have to be still (quiet!) and then you will know - God." (Psalm 46:10)

We remind.  "Look at answers, to prayers, you do have - though they've come circumstantially... - they're still answers."
Apparently, that isn't an audible voice; its not enough!

God's voice isn't always clear, is it?  We have his WORD, right, and, we need to pray and ask to have the eyes of our heart, opened, to see clearly.  I talk with my kiddo's quite often (in fact, AGAIN just this morning!) - about the fact that they need to look at me when I am talking to them.  That they will be able to hear me better when they keep their eyes fixed on my face.   Surprise!!!!!

Imagine - the connection that would happen!!!

Jeremiah 29:13
You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all of your heart. 


Joining with the Five Minute Friday Community today - today's word prompt is: search


Friday, February 8, 2019

fmf | Build

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This prompt word is very interesting.  The other day - my son was working through an assignment for school and it involved a mathematical situation.  The only way to really have him "get it" was to imagine building a house.  We used this analogy and it didn't take him long to get this math problem figured out - correctly. When he saw the way it was originally "figured"... he could truly see the error and KNEW this figurative building wasn't going to work...as it was.

Do we really know what we're working with when we go to build - anything?  Relationships.  A home! Getting a business up off the ground and running.

There is something to be said - in going back and taking a second look as to what you have before you.  Is it a right fit?  Is it coming together - as expected?  Are the others in your "one-anothering" feeling the same connectiveness and commonalities that you feel about them? 
If not.  What needs to change?
When we say we want to "build" something. 
The groundwork being laid - needs to be solid and sure.

You may have heard the phrase... Don't throw your pearls before swine.  Well, what in the world does that even mean?  Right?  Pearls are something of great value.  Swine or a herd of pigs - don't typically care about such things of value. They would, by nature, trample them underfoot and move on.

I've been pondering... about how it looks to or what it means to add value to others.  I want to build a happy and health home (Proverbs 14:1, Proverbs 24:3-4).  My Marriage matters...
Apart from Christ... homes and marriages can falter.   Building up an emergency fund or even our simple bank accounts takes diligence and sometimes sacrifice.   A business will only built if its foundation is secure.  Dreams are great!  But...aren't they only "fluff" without the sweat, grit and tears.

Sometimes.  Building relationships means a simple investment...of time and thoughtfulness.  Maybe MORE than what has already been given.  It may mean more hugs.  A correction.  A listening ear.  A deeper/fuller smile.  A serious question...
Time... putting aside the "me and my wants" for the other.

Something to think about today.

Here is a playdough house that one of my kiddos' made along time ago.  Got love the heart inside the house.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Beware of your Influence

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This apple looks pretty impressive, doesn't it? Granted... the photo of this (currently) nice looking apple is apple number two... and thankfully it WAS okay on the inside.   Imagine my surprise when cutting open, my original apple, one morning, while preparing my kiddo's school lunches.  It was rotten!!  Rotten to the core. 

I was so glad I grabbed a photo...of it, just for this topic today.

 Beware of your influence!! 

An interesting title I'm sure... and one that can be taken both ways.  Who are we influenced by and who are we influencing?  Its tempting to look good on the outside and perhaps it can be done for awhile... but, we all know what is on the inside is what eventually comes out.   It wasn't going to take long for this said "good" apple to present its true ugliness of heart.  I honestly thought it was going to be an AMAZING, crunchy, good and sweet treat for my kiddos.  Again, I'm glad the second one was!!  I will also admit here...I wasn't so trusting of the second apple.  I was "SURE" that it, too, would show up to be a bad apple... isn't that what happens?  It only takes one to ruin the whole basket?     I don't know about you... but this gave me pause.

How am I as a Woman of Influence?

(that is a big deal!)

And, WHO are my Influencers?     
(which is an even greater BIG deal!!)

There are so many analogies and things that could be read between the lines in this post, today, but I'll leave that up to you.  I only trust I am making you think.  Be aware...
Influence is a real thing.
In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.  ~ Matthew 5:16, ESV

Joining up with Five Minute Friday - writing community (from last Friday!) - when the prompt word was: influence.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Strong (and Courageous) - word for 2019

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Here we are, a few days in 2019 and I have yet to share my word of the year with you!!

Funny.  I haven't always taken hold of a word so surely as I have been the past year and now for this one.  If you have been reading here - you may remember my word last year was GROW or Growth!

This year... along the same lines is that I want to keep growing... but the word that comes to mind is 

However.  In order to grow STRONG - one needs courage.
COURAGE is another word that keeps coming to my heart and mind.

I'll take them both!!  
Be Strong and Courageous.

I cling to the verses from Joshua chapter 1 starting loosely in verse 3 and continuing through verse 9.
Not wanting to take Scripture out of context, in the least.  I do, however, see these verses as a message of encouragement to myself as a leader of team.  A business builder.  A woman of influence.  As a wife.  A mother. A friend.
(I encourage you to open your Bible and read these verses for yourself. Perhaps you will reap the encouragement for you - as well.)

I feel such hope.  Such encouragement.  Such confidence - from our Lord... that HE will be with just as he has promised.    They say that things that cause fear to rise up in you are really what is your calling.
I believe that. 
There are things that I get white-knuckled about, have fear for and the knees begin a-knocking.  While I want to be and do - all these things... there is something that still holds me back.

I want to have faith for this.
A faith that is unwavering.   My heart cries...

Lord!  Let me faith be marked by these three things.
1. A quiet spirit (no questions asked!)
2. A gentle spirit (no details needed)
3. A sweet submissiveness (no struggling against the unknowns)
** found these "marks" in a book somewhere a long time ago and have had them written in the sideline margins of my Bible ever since.  So, I can't give credit, here.  My apologies.

I believe, Lord.  Forgive my unbelief.  Help me... Slow down and take the time to grow - STRONG!!
Wrangling the courage to go through it and emerge.  Trusting the process.

Look out 2019!!

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