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Monday, July 24, 2017

Words to live by...

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Wise Advice from a Farmer's Wife 

Whenever you return a borrowed pie pan, make sure it's got a warm pie in it.
Invite lots of folks to supper. You can always add more water to the soup.
There's no such thing as woman's work on a farm. There's just work.
Make home a happy place for the children. Everybody returns to their happy place.
Always keep a small light on in the kitchen window at night.
If your man gets his truck stuck in the field, don't go in after him. Throw him a rope and pull him out with the tractor.
Keep the kerosene lamp away from the the milk cow's leg.
It's a whole lot easier to get breakfast from a chicken than a pig.
Always pat the chickens when you take their eggs.
It's easy to clean an empty house, but hard to live in one.
All children spill milk. Learn to smile and wipe it up.
Homemade's always better'n store bought.
A tongue's like a knife. The sharper it is the deeper it cuts.
A good neighbor always knows when to visit and when to leave.
A city dog wants to run out the door, but a country dog stays on the porch 'cause he's not fenced-in.
Always light birthday candles from the middle outward.
Nothin' gets the frustrations out better'n splittn' wood.
The longer dress hem, the more trusting the husband.
Enjoy doing your children's laundry. Some day they'll be gone.
You'll never catch a runnin' chicken but if you throw seed around the back door you'll have a skillet full by supper.
Biscuits brown better with a little butter brushed on 'em.
Check your shoelaces before runnin' to help somebody.
Visit old people who can't get out. Some day you'll be one.
The softer you talk, the closer folks'll listen.
The colder the outhouse, the warmer the bed.

Not sure where I found this, originally, but this all just made me smile.. from one old soul to another!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Corners of my Home

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As with anything, it all takes time. 

Well, I've had a month to sit around (heal!) and ponder JUST what I was going to do in decorating.  One of the challenges with this old(er) home is that all of the exterior walls are are REALLY, REALLY (stuccoed) solid and so, adding any new holes (if I can get it past my hubby) will seem challenging.
I've been doing the best I can with what is already there - nail hole wise - and using command strips if and where possible.

One of the books that I have had for years... has been this Garden Style Projects book from Better Homes and Gardens.  I am telling you... this book... brings me so much JOY!!  It's so me.  My style in almost every way possible.  And, so when I look at it... I nearly drool... at the thoughts and ideas that cross my mind, of what I could do in my own home.  And truly, it is where a lot of my home decorating ideas and inspiration have come from.

Today, I busied myself as best as I was able.  Stopping every now and than to put my feet up.  Many more things got added to the walls, as I already alluded to, and some more boxes unpacked.  :)  It's starting to feel cozier around here.   At least, I hope so. 

I thought for your enjoyment you might like to see a few corners of our new home!!  Or, wait.  Maybe you want to wait and see after it's truly settled... ?
Obviously, pondering window treatments for all the rooms...?
What really stays on display or gets put away to the attic for another season...?
And, for what I really do want to have out and around, how it will best be displayed and implemented...?

I'm so grateful for the gift of time.  Time to take and make it home, as it is all meant to be..
A house is made of brick and mortar, but home is made by the people who live there!! - M.K. Soni

HOME is where your STORY begins!!

Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Practice makes it happen..

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Healing can sure take a lot out of you!!  I feel like I've been sleeping my life away.  Or, if not actually sleeping ... I'm super duper tired and I can't wait to go back to sleep.
I never realized how this accident would affect me.  
This morning, I decided to get up, with my hubby.  Had to, anyway, to pack his lunch.  But, here of late I would crawl back in bed and sleep a couple more hours... before the kids got up.

However, this morning, I decided to hop on to the blog (reading list) and just take a sneak peak at a few favorite blogs that I've "followed"... and just see where people are at and what I've missed.  Oh wow!!

Tears.  Smiles.  Surprises.  Inspiration and Creativity.
Fun and exciting times...
 I saw
Others, though, going through changes.  Hard times. Pain.

But, I also saw another theme...
For some it had been weeks, months, years...
Of time spent away from blogging.
 I saw I haven't been the only one.

Why do I share all of this?

I recognize it as seasons.

My healing from this accident...is taking its time and toll.  But, I'll be back.  Rest needs to happen in order for myself to make a sure and full recovery.  And, every day - there is obvious improvement.
I had been on a Go- Go- GO track.  Really active with life, activities, and family..

Blogging has been the same way, for me.  For years, Treasured Up and Pondered had been going strong.

Yet, seasons of sleepiness and rest should not surprise me or anyone for that matter.
Our souls weary of doing and we feel faint...

Yet, the ones that remain active and strong - are encouraging and uplifting.

I don't know.  I just came away -refreshed by my discovery - that I'm not alone.  I like what the quote says... and, agree!  It's true.   Happening comes by practicing.  Practice makes it happen.
Just start doing... right?   Note.  I didn't say anything about - being perfect. 

If you are reading this and you relate to my struggle of "coming back" and feeling inspired and impressive.  LOL.   Tell me, what fills you to full and overflowing...?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

fmf :: play

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What is fmf, you ask??   Five Minute Friday.
An opportunity to share in five minutes, your thoughts, on the prompt word given.  Not a lot of overthinking or time spent...
This week's word was: Play

Oh the things you find when one of your kiddos asks if they can play with your phone!!
Scrolling through... it makes me nearly laugh at all the fun and creativity this girl provides...
Here are just two I've found, recently, on my phone...
Silly girl!!  I often find she's recorded videos, songs... antics. :)
Being the middle child - she is often adaptable to others taking charge at what to play but before long - you can hear her calling the shots and everyone, then, follows Aubrey... :)

My daughter is a lot like me - growing up.  As the oldest child, I was always creatively coming up with new ideas and things to play - make believe. 
One day I'd be a nurse, the next a school teacher, the next a mom...
Always pretending to be someone else and someone older than me.  I NEVER played things as my own age...my bike was always my car!!!
Oh, and when it was time to do the dishes or help in the garden...
Nope.  I was off, playing or hiding... pretending I had to use the bathroom.  BAAADDDD!!!

I don't know what I would have been like had my parents a cell phone to play on.

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Gifts that remain..

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Friends are amazing!
And, sometimes there are those who go above and beyond!!

My sister in law and brother were gifted a Wedding Gift - that I have always admired.  One night, while visiting their home... I snapped a photo... and went to our mutual friend, who made it and asked her what it would be for her to make me one?  I wanted to pay for her time and talent and well, why not? It's so worth every penny...

Oh, NO!!  "Bevy, this is a gift - to you!"... a birthday/housewarming Gift.  Just because".

Ya'll.  I don't think my breath has been caught yet.  :)

I love it.
This is one gift that will always remain... 
"the thoughtfulness of a dear friend".

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