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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Five Minute Friday :: rise

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This photo doesn't really go with today's post - but for Memorial Day on Monday!
When I first thought intently on this one word - rise - not much came to mind except this one thing.  There is a letter "I" in the middle of the word.  Not too profound, but is it?
The word rise indicates an action happening in the moment.

"In the moment" - I don't always... and you can fill in the blank.  For yourself.

You see, if anything is going to happen, make a difference, evoke a change...whatever.... I have to rise up.  I have to be part; take part... not in part but in whole.  I have to be in the middle of this action and have an influence.
To rise doesn't just happen.  At least, not on its own.
We know that in the baking process... the use of yeast, baking soda and/or baking powder are all agents used in order to get a good rise.  They don't do anything on their own.  They can't.
But combined with other ingredients they become quite powerful in what action they are needed in to perform.

I need an agent to rise.
Not by my own strength.. but through HIM!

And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies because of his Spirit who lives in you.  ~ Romans 8:11

Enjoy this weekend with your family and friends...
Remember!  Happy Memorial Day!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Taking a bit of time to sit a spell...

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This morning was nice.

While I forgot to grab my camera in the midst of it all, imagine that?, it was sure nice to sit a spell with a couple of girl-friends (from different circles) (gals who didn't know each other, before hand...but who realized they have a couple of mutual friends and a few other commonalities...) and to share a cup of coffee and yummy breakfast-y treats. (smile!)

Share your life, and find the finest joy man can know. 
 Do not be stingy with your heart. 
Get out of yourself into the life of others, and new life 
will flow into you -- share and share alike.
~ Joseph Fort Newton

It felt good to dust off the old china and shake out a vintage tablecloth, once more...
Too bad, the cloth didn't get ironed.  But, somehow, that didn't seem to matter at all. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

the theme of {my} story

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There is a song which we sing at church, every now and again, with a line of lyric that recently has captured my attention.

It talks primarily of God's faithfulness... and of it being the theme of the stories that we read throughout God's Word.

On this one particular Sunday morning - as we were singing... the thought came to my heart and mind... and immediately took me for a loop.  I struggled to keep singing... because of that so-called lump that formed in my throat.  You get those, too!  Don't you?
Granted this wasn't about me.  But the question was...

What is the theme of my story?

You see.  I have hurt a lot of people.  People have hurt me.
I am human.
I'm not fully able to deliver promises...
Keep my word 100%.
I have big goals.
Great ideas.
Good intentions.
I make suggestions.
However, I rarely ever fully follow through.
Or - I do it half-heartedly.
I just can't.
I can try - however - but is is  never enough.

This is, more often than not, the theme of my story. And, I can so quickly get stuck here.
  I'm humbled over it.
I think you know what I'm talking about.
Perhaps you can relate.

We let people down - all of the time.

But... the lyrics of this song are so vibrantly full of truth, life changing and wonderfully full Of HOPE!

Speaking of the faithfulness of our God, I want this to be the constant theme of my story.  I want HIM to be the ever-abiding source and foundation of my story.
 He never fails.  He never will.
His Word... says it.  I believe it.  And, that settles it! 

The theme of HIS story is constant. Faithful. Steadfast. True.
Doesn't it bring you to chills?  I does, me!
Peace - is more like it.

We can have deep-rooted confidence...in the ONE who goes behind us and before us.
HE IS FAITHFUL - to you and to me!!

I'm so encouraged, now, whenever I sing this song.

And - as well - the lump in my throat is now formulated more out of gratitude rather than of condemnation.  Here it is.. take a listen, if you'd like.  Be encouraged!

So - back here in the beginning of May - you might remember I attended a Women's Retreat...with quite a few ladies from our church.
The theme of the weekend was basically this...
To See like Jesus.
Have compassion - like Jesus
Act like Jesus.
All weekend - the phrase "the theme of my story" was on autopilot...on my mind.  On my heart.  Rather heavy at times.  I was encouraged... to know... God wanted this to be on the forefront of my "hearts pondering"....
Hence the photo/quote I designed at the top.
People. Friends... I fail at this all of the time.  I need a reminder!!
I can't do it.
Not in my own strength - at least.
But...I want to cling to His Faithfulness and know that HIS example of seeing; of being compassionate, and the followed-through action he lived out - be the continuing theme of my stories.

I promised a few photos of our fun time together...
The gentleman, here, was our speaker.  Richard E.  He is the father of the gal sitting next to him.  She is also the one sharing an illustration in the left bottom photo.  Great time - in these meetings!
 The material used and theme of our weekend was "See Jesus" - the content mostly taken from the book, written by Paul E. Miller - Love Walked Among Us.
What a wonderful, wonderful weekend - getaway!
Very refreshing indeed.
**On a side note:  My hubby did a fabulous job of holding down the fort and keeping home - while I was gone.  It was good to come home to the family and have the blessing of Mother's Day with all its love and sweetness... continue. :)  I'm so blessed!
I hope I made you think a little bit - today!
What is the theme of your story - could you say?

Friday, May 15, 2015

Five Minute Friday :: Follow

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He whispered in my ear, the morning of our anniversary. 
"I'm sorry that we didn't make plans to go away - just you and I - like we once talked about we'd do..."
"That's okay", I whispered back.  "Remember - all I asked for was that we'd grow old together.  And, that maybe two porch rockers would be nice to add to our front porch!?"

Where you go... I will go.  Where you stay. I'll stay.  I will follow you.

Those phrases came to mind... as we talked long into the night - after dinner out, instead.  Just us!
We talked of the past, present and future.

Porch rockers are nice for these sorts of conversations. :)

What of the next ten years?, we ask each other.  What do we think will follow these...?

To love more. Laugh more. And, live!

And may many more heart-to-hearts come to pass as we go - this life together!
What you do, where you go - I will follow!
(just don't go too fast... stick with me)
Side by side... is best!
Joining up with Kate from Heading Home and Five Minute Friday!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Celebrating Ten

.. .. .... .. .. ... .. ... .. .. ... ... . .. .. ... . .. .. . .. . . ..

Ten years ago, today, we said " I do".
Happy Anniversary - to the love of my life!
 Here are three of the best blessings- ever!- that came, because of it.
We are so blessed!


Love doesn't just sit there, like a stone, 
it has to be made, like bread:
remade all the time, made new.
~ Ursula Le Guin
If you ask, I would say yes!!  Yes, I would.  I would do it all over again. 
And, I'm looking forward to many, many more years of standing by my man!

A loving and faithful husband..
A handful of lively and loving kiddos..
A place to call home..
and then some.

I'm just basking in the blessings of my loving Saviour, today!

** Permission was requested, and granted, in the use of these photos ~ thank you, Kaitlin!  These were taken on our vacation time in Canada on Easter Morning!

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