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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

hair cuts and night-time feedings


This is Caleb's first hair-cut...from a couple of weeks ago.

With Grandma entertaining, Daddy on the camera and one nervous Mamma - trying to save that ONE curl- cutting the hair with a scissors. Ahhh!!

Bring on the clippers!!

This is Caleb's second hair-cut last Saturday evening... He did so great... (no, he didn't do it although the pictures looks like it) and of course we still found that one stray hair in which we had to pull out the scissors again.

It is amazing how much older it makes him look. My little guy - he's getting so big!!!!!!!!!!!!

Night-time feedings...

I got to thinking about how much I am missing the mid -night, early morning feedings for Aubrey. NOW, don't get me wrong I've totally been appreciating the full night of sleep I've been getting here of late but it's those moments of just her and I... though very groggy... and an opportunity to use that time to meet with the Lord in prayer. I would often use that time to think of friends and family (or whatever is going on in our lives as a family) and just pray for them. I guess I could set the alarm...


  1. Awww... its so great you cut his hair yourself. What shears do you use? When I attempt cutting myself I always use the SalonHive videos http://www.salonhive.com/videos/search/?search_id=hair+scissors&search_type=search_videos&submit=+

    Gives me a little confidence before I try it myself ;)

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