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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's all by the grace of God!

Wow! What a day to experience the grace of God. Yesterday was my daughter's 4 month Dr. visit. I was really feeling nervous about the whole thing because I needed to take my hubby to work in order to have the car for the day, that would mean that my 19month old son was going to have to be "along for the ride" because I couldn't find anyone to babysit him. We've done this before but taking two to the Dr's is no small feat. So we leave the house by 7:30am. The appointment is at 10am. Amazingly! All goes really well. There is good report about little Aubrey. She is doing Great!!! Even with her shots. And big brother, Caleb, was as "good as gold", considering.

All I could do, on my way home, was to thank God for answering my prayers and calming my nerves. AND I was thinking to myself, "now WHY didn't I have the Dr. check Caleb over just because of how he's been in the last 24hours?" Because really... the story begins the night before.

It was one LONG night; we hardly got any sleep. Caleb always sleeps through the night and yet Sunday night was completely out of the normal. He would cry out through the night as though he were dreaming, or 'sick' or... we had no idea what was wrong. (He still is learning to talk so he couldn't tell us what was going on). When we would pick him up to comfort him he would relax, fall back asleep but the minute we would put him back in his bed he would start up again. (thankfully, he did not wake up Aubrey and that still amazes me). Even into the morning hours he was restless.

So, long story short... While I was out and around Monday, and all we were doing was riding in the car, we get home he eats his lunch and crashes for a 3 hour nap, I thought nothing of it until after 6pm when I go to change his diaper and notice his little "you know" is all red and swollen - certainly not normal looking. I wondered why he seemed to have trouble voiding...
and so I call Scott into the nursery to take a look and I suggest that we give him a warm bath and perhaps that will help him to relax enough to pee. I was thinking "Does he have a urinary tract infection starting?" - thinking that because of his irritability and fussiness. So, anyway, after the bath... Scott was taking a closer look and called out for a flashlight. OF ALL THINGS, WHY does he need a flashlight?? Only to discover that there is a hair tightly wound around his little "ahem", apparently making it very difficult to void and beyond that it was tightly, embedded into the skin even starting to get a bit infected. AHHHH! By now he was going ballistic as we tried to get in unwound. I thought we were destined for the ER. One big question. How in the world did that happen?

We called my Mom to ask if she could come over to sit with Aubrey until we could figure out what was going to happen. I ended up calling the Pediatrician (where we just were earlier in the day) to ask advice... and the nurse (though very nice) was not really listening to me and I well - I'll just stop there. We decided to try what she said and to "soak him in the tub- AGAIN (because we had to get the hair off), use some triple antibiotic cream and wait until the morning, and call if it got any worse".

We tried again, the hair by now had loosened, which we removed using tweezers - we think it was one of his own from the haircut that he got on Saturday evening. We put on the ointment and whalaa!! He peed - we laughed and cried.
Let me just say... We all slept SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD last night. And I have my little guy back. My kids are all doing well. Ahhh! Such delicate matters to tend too, as parents. It made us feel good that we could actually do something to relieve his discomfort like that and we could really sense his "gratefulness" even coming from an 19month old.

Thank God for his grace and that his mercies are new every morning!! I hope for a better day without incident.

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