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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


  • Shoes

Oh by the way... Aubrey did wear those baby shoes for the dedication. I finished them off with both the bow and the button. I decided if they were for a boy - the button would be nice (at least on this pair of shoes), but since they were for her, and I couldn't decide which I personally liked better... I went with both. I think they really turned out sweet!!

And that whole thing about her sleeping through the night.... ahhh, yeah right. I think after initially posting that piece, that very night she started waking up, at least once, sometimes twice through the night and has every night since. I will confess, there always isn't alot of praying going on - at least there wasn't this past night. Sorry!

  • Car

Oops!, maybe I didn't blog about the car yet... Oh well. I think an update is in order anyway. My husband is the most wonderful man I know. The car we own was mine way before Scott ever came into the picture. And lets just say, I didn't really do my part (as good as I should have) on keeping the car well maintained. Well, he's done a superb job of keeping that little car going strong. As of last Saturday, Scott's excited - REALLY EXCITED - that the car has passed inspection, for this year and that with a bit of general maintence and the fact that we've got 4 brand new tires on, we're ready!! Bring on the snowflakes...he's ready to go "blow through" one of them.

  • North Carolina

We're still praying about this in case you were wondering. THE PACKING HAS BEGUN! We just continue to feel HIS peace about it. "Nibbles" at the job search continues. Scott has been faithfully studying to further his credentials (for the resume) and it amazes us that the Lord has worked out the details for his taking his next exam (first of two) this coming Saturday... instead of pushing it out 3 weeks ahead. Who knows (but only the Lord) as to why this happened but he's ready to take the test and Lord-willing, he'll pass it!! Please, keep us in your prayers.

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