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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Why this blog title?

Why "treasured up and pondered"? Some of you may wonder how I came up with this title for a blog. There are several underlying reasons I suppose. The first being that every time I read the words from Luke 2:19,

"... but Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart".

that it reminds me a lot of myself. I tend to think (perhaps too much?) and ponder things over and over. Although my hubby would challenge that statement with; "Well, if you say you think alot then how come you can't remember anything I tell you?"... (I love you, Babe!)

Secondly, I attempt to place a lot of value on "heart" issues, and well that can be both good and bad. Here is why I say that.

I can remember, as a young girl, my Dad reading to my sister's and I before going to bed. There was this one particular short story that I remember begging for him to read - again and AGAIN!! The piece I am referring to is titled, "The Winsome Girl", from this book, "Ideals and Moral Lessons". But the book he read from was copyrighted in 1919... a very old book... and I still have that copy today. A very precious treasure, indeed.

The Winsome Girl"The winsome girl has a
warm, loving heart.
She feels "smiley" inside, and the smiles just shine
out. She does not
think about herself. She does not stand about moping,
waiting to be coaxed into a game. She does not take offense when none was
intended. She does not imagine that other girls are slighting her. She does not
always want to be first. The winsome girl does not hang her head and refuse to
reply when strangers or older people speak to her, but answers as sweetly and
politely as possible.

She may be bashful, and her heart may go thumpey-thump in the
presence of strangers, but she is never rude or surly on that account.
She is brave enough to do hard things, and talking to strangers is a very
hard thing for a naturally bashful girl. The winsome girl never sulks. She
is not the sort that never has opinions, but she does not become angry with
those who differ from her. If she cannot agree with her companions, she does not
compel them to agree with her. The winsome girl is - just winsome, that is all.
Keep your eyes open, and you will find her some time. Keep sweet, and other
folks may find her when they look at you! And that would be best of all.

I love that. That was my prayer as a young girl, though never fully grasping what it was to be winsome. As I read over it again today I can see where -"yes, some of this is me and No, some of this is not even close". Not even in the least bit. I realize it will be a life-long journey - one I'm certainly pondering over. I just know that I don't want to be so hard on myself that I can't see God's grace in the midst of His re-creation.
Now, isn't that something to think about?


  1. Bevy,
    YOU are a very precious treasure! ;-)

  2. Well, Thank you Nancy. I love your enthusiastic comments - so very encouraging.


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