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Sunday, February 8, 2009


You were wondering what happened, right? Well there was a little "screech to a halt" in the blogging for several days, due to some connection issues and well I think we're back. Thanks to good ole dial-up, but hey!, it's something. Something we can work with. Thanks for hanging in there with me. Although I will say this- the posts may be "here and there" because of all the packing going on around here. We'll see...
Again, thanks for checking in, visiting and for any and all your comments. I appreciate it.


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  1. Hi Bevy,
    Welcome back! Every time you mention "packing" it makes me a bit sad~~I'm happy that you and your family will be starting a new adventure, but I'll miss you like crazy. It's good you started this blog~~it will be a great way to stay in touch.
    Enjoy the day! ;-)


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