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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cup of Talk

We were at some friends for dinner on Friday night, and I
keep thinking about something she mentioned in regards to her family.
She said that, when they had their dairy farm, that... this obviously had to happen around
the cows schedule, but that
happened at 10:30am, and again at...

4:30pm in the afternoon.

That's what they did. They would all sit down, around the table
and have a cup of coffee... and talk. Now, that they don't have the farm (like that anymore)
it's a habit that has remained.

I love that!!
Quality time, talking together, over a good ole cup of hot coffee.
It just might be a good habit to start.

When have you had a good old cup of 'talk', lately??

: : photo's taken of my favorite mugs (Longaberger) and of course, black coffee...there is nothing better, then of course if it is shared with my hubby or some other dear friend.

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