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Monday, February 16, 2009

Special Valentine's Day!

One of my sweet friends asked me what I was hoping to do -Special- for Valentine's Day! We didn't do a whole lot... I do have pictures to show a few things that we did, but am having difficulty posting them today for some reason. I think it's me!! anyway.

We invited our elderly neighbors down for dinner on Friday night. Of course, I had to make a "heart-shaped" meatloaf along with all the fix en's. They really enjoyed the home-cooked meal, so they said. And Caleb took to Mr. Frank like he had known him all his life. It was really nice to have them here. It's almost a shame that we didn't do that sooner, since we're moving and all.

That afternoon I had Caleb help me make a Valentine Treat for the evening. Again, I do have pictures but...
He is too young to do the whole scissors and paper thing so we took "Tom Sturgis -little ones" pretzels (that Caleb always calls Hearts) and melted a Hershey kiss on top of each one (in this case, we used Peppermint -pink and white striped kisses. I would have liked to use Strawberry ones but these were left over from Christmas.)
You put them in a 350* oven for no longer then two minutes, take them out and carefully add a M&M candy piece on top. The M&M's are fun because you can use colors to match the occasion. In this case I used red and brown ones. He had fun!! He thought he was "all that and a bag of chips" sitting up on the counter-top... helping Mom!

Saturday morning's I always try to make a special breakfast of sorts and so of course, we had to have "heart-shaped" pancakes, with sliced strawberries, and sausage.

I will confess... I was very aware of my selfish heart through out the morning on Saturday. Ashamed to admit that I was one "stumpy- grumpy" Mama. I honestly don't know what triggered that... and after going out on my own, to run errands... I thank God for his heart of love for me. I had time to reflect on HIM!, to pray and to just quiet myself in His love. I (think) I came home -renewed. I was so appreciative of Scott for "letting me go" - being willing to sit with the little ones (while tending to his own lists for the day) and it actually turned out to be one SPECIAL Valentine's DAY after all.

What did you do special for "heart day"?

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