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Friday, February 13, 2009

Why I love him so...

My handsome man, Scott!!

: : This is not in effort to embarrass him, but rather to make a public statement as to why I love him so...Why, in so many ways, I AM the lucky one. Blessed - is more like it.

There are so many reasons, and as I was thinking about this, I wondered, Where do I even start?

I love him for his:

  • Specific care for our family. Like this. He's very aware of family time. IF a weekend is already packed full of activity, for example, and we get invited out somewhere, yet again, like to "Grandma's" house, etc. He'll often (with discretion) turn down the invite -just to maintain our own family time. Or that he'll make sure we're all in bed at a decent hour. And the fact that (a sit down) meal-time is family time, with no distractions such as the radio, TV or phone...it can all wait. I love that about him!

  • Thoroughness! He is very careful to "make sure" something is done correctly the first time, in order to avoid repeating himself. In that, he can make mistakes and yet, he is humble enough to receive that. I love that about him!

  • Humility. (As mentioned above) He's not perfect. I love this about him!

  • Conviction(s). We are debt-free, to this day, because of his conviction in this. Another post to come on this - stay tuned. I love this about him!

  • PDA (public display of affection). Scott is not afraid to give me sweet kiss in public or to hold my hand even while we we're riding in our own car - we're often found holding hands. He almost "gets offended" when I happen to open up my own car door... He insists (4 years later) that I am one brave woman if I do that on my own - and that, that is his privilege to do so. I LOVE that about him!

  • Sense of Humor. He really does have sense of humor about him. I love his laugh -especially over the phone (long story here), the fact that he "gets" my dry sense of humor and loves it, and the fact that he makes me laugh... I love that about him!

  • Knowledge of... Cars, Computers, Cash (financial stuff), Children (he's really coming around in this area) & Chores (meaning the laundry. He simply does a better job of it then I do). And the fact that he has little or no knowledge of Cooking (although he can work a mean grill).... I love this about him!!

  • Prayers. Their simple, intentional and full of sincerity. I love this about him!

  • Imagination. In playing with Caleb and Aubrey, it's all the "silly" songs he makes up...the wrestling, rolling around on the floor, shrieks and shrill fun and games that they all get into. I love that about him!

  • Intentionality to... stick to budget, tithe regularly, keeping up on car maintenance, yard work, snow removal, to pray with the little ones before bed time, to say "I love you" before hanging up on the phone or separating ways -because you never no if it could be your last time to do so, to plan for our future through job advancements/studying to further his credentials, etc., keeping our financial things in place and in order -and on and on. I love that about him!

  • Coming along side of...me in my ups and downs, my tears, my joy's, my dreams, my goals. And just really hanging in there with me. He is my best friend here on this earth. The fact that he chose me... and is so committed to me and to our growing family.... I really am so blessed. We actually do our grocery shopping together -just because. I love this about him!!

This is why I love him so...

Happy Valentine's Day, Babe!!

~yours forever,


** I choose to do this post as my Valentine Card to him because I know he reads my blog (almost) every day - it's just another thing, I love about him!

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  1. Awwww - this is so sweet!!! I found it through your linky thing and I'm happy I did! It sounds like you have a wonderful hubby! :D Our men have some great similarities! The Lord is good to have blessed us with such wonderful men!! This was a great post, nice to learn more of the 'little things' that make up your life.


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