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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wooden Spools

: : My love of the old. The simple things "treasured up".

I wonder of the stories these wooden spools could tell, if only they could? How many yards, how many detailed stitches have they sown?

I can remember my Mother letting us play with the spools - like as you would play with wooden blocks, or we could string them onto string to make for a necklace or as a doll toy, etc.

What are some of your memories entailing the wooden spool era?


  1. My mother-in-law made VERY cute reindeer with them! She used little flat clothes pins for the legs and another one upside-down for the head and antlers. A spool formed the body, with the clothes pins glued to the ends. She was a very talented lady with a fantastic imagination.

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog,much appreciated. I noticed your old wooden cotton reels. I just love them. I have a collect of them myself.And I too often wonder where they have been.

  3. Hello,I just came across your blog, possibly from Home Joys, and I am reading from the beginning to get a feel of it. I just had to comment on the spool post, though not sure how this works and whether you will see back that far. I just, two days go, added a wooden spool to my spool jar. It's one of those big gAllon glass jars they don't make so often anymore and we hAve had it as far back as . I can remember, started probably by my grandma. There were just about twenty twirls of thread left on it of a jade green . I had used it back in Home Ec to sew a tote bag . It was not the color of tote bag I wanted but Grandma said no need to spend money,let's look in the the scrap boxes. Wouldn't you know she dug up enough fabric and thread to match that I didn't have to spend anything. But deep down I wanted to go pick out brand new fabric cut right off the bolt and a satiny New spool of thread ...but grandma's frugality won out. That spool still had a faded paper disc on one end, COATS mercerized cotton 29¢…no way can you find thread priced at that now a days.

    We too played with the spools ,threading them on yarn to make necklaces.


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