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Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday's Finds

"Once upon a time...

there were two toy baskets, in our house. One was Mommy's special Longaberger Basket and the other... well, just a very random basket with a rather broken handle. They were both too small and quite overflowing.

One day, Grandma M. came to the rescue..."

In all actuality, I had been out shopping one afternoon at our local thrift store and saw this very whimsical, antique-looking toy box. I really liked it - except for the price. I had told my Mom about it... and that was that.
One day, she called me and said; "You know that toy box you had mentioned the other day? Well, I think it's still here- if this is the one you were talking about- and, anyway, it's half price today!! Would you like me to get it for you?" "Sure!", was my answer. No questions asked.
"And that is how we got our new toy box... the End!!"
: : Does anyone know - just by looking at the picture- what year this might have come from? Like the 50's 0r 60's- is my guess? It's actually a metal frame with a heavy cardboard of sorts for it's sides and has 4 wheels, which makes it really fun for Caleb to push his toys around in.
It's been a real fun find!!


  1. Today is half-price day at the thrift shop again! Go crazy!

  2. wish we had sweet trift stores like that around here!


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