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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

get growin'...by trowel and error

On Monday, of this week, I was able to enjoy a trip to Lancaster Co. with the two little ones, my Mother (for her birthday) and my Mother-in-law, who was up from Virginia. We really had a fun day.

As usual, I love going out there, and especially on really nice days. Even though the temperature was cool, it was still quite beautiful. I don't think we ever saw so much wash hanging out on the lines, like we did.

One thing that I personally took notice of was the field after field (or garden) of freshly plowed ground. Obviously, because it's time to... get growin'.

I had to stop and think about a time, several years ago, while having a quiet moment with the Lord when he gave me a picture (because I asked Him too) of what it really meant to grow in His grace. This is what I got, that day...

Our lives are like a garden - starting with a plot of freshly plowed ground. Sometimes we don't understand why there is this uprooting or pruning, that takes place, at times...or, why there are "worms & bugs"-things that feel like a nuisance or ugly to deal with...or rain, rain, and more rain- that simply won't go away.... and even the sun get seem quite warm, like the "heat" of seemingly unending trials (or whatever) that often causes our faith to wilt and even wither away.

Yet, the Lord reminded me that if the "worms or bugs" aren't in our lives to work up the soil (which is what their purpose in life is to do) then the soil of our hearts isn't going to be softened or prepared to receive the "raining" down of his grace in our lives. The sun - though warm- needs to be plentiful in order to cause all things to grow. If we're to get growin' - as a garden - in His grace.... then these facets are all important, and vitally necessary for a hearty, healthy crop. A beautiful garden takes work... "Heart Work"!

It's a shame we have to learn things like this, in life, through trowel and error. Or, is it? Do you ask God on a regular basis to soften your heart? Do you notice growth happening?


  1. Ah Bevy,
    You are a true treasure!

  2. Thanks Bevy for the uplifting reminder of God's faithfulnesss to us in softening our hearts so that we can grow in His grace. How encouraging!


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