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Friday, March 6, 2009

His Artwork!

I absolutely love nature... and especially, if I can find a way to bring it indoors. I have no idea where I got this inspiration to display these bird nests as an art-form in my home - different folks say different things, about this, as to whether they like it or not.

But to me, God gave this piece of artwork to admire. Have you ever stopped and looked really close at the intricacy of a single bird nest?? It is rather amazing. So simple yet so complicated.

Well, I have two of them... placed, as you can see on these sconces, on either side of this framed piece of art. I can forget about them sometimes, but when I do stop to think about them, I'm reminded that even the birds have homes. A creative instinct to "construct" homes, such as these, is something only their Creator can do. It's a natural thing to "nest" and to build homes for a safe dwelling place. Oh, by the way... they can be dirty & dusty, too!! Just like ours get sometimes...

Scripture says He even knows when a sparrow has fallen out of it's nest. Think of all the different kinds of birds there are - let alone how many! Yet He Cares for each one of them.

: : Hint on how to prepare them for coming indoors. You will want to stick it into a zip-lock bag and spray (carefully) with either Lysol or an Ant/Roach spray (or something of the sort) to get rid of any bugs that may have also nested.

But, Stop! Take the time and enjoy God's creation. Find an abandoned nest - after Spring nesting season has passed, there will sure to be a few around- and marval at the so simple, yet so complicated form of His Artwork!!

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  1. Love your blog...found it wandering around via feedjit. I think you would enjoy my friend's blog http://youvegottobekiddingme2008.blogspot.com/ She just started it but will be blogging through their experience of God calling them to missions. The first few are very interesting.


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