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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It was Snow Fun!!

Caleb's new favorite word right now is; NO!
Well, Monday was a wonderful, beautiful day with plenty of Snow (about 8"-10"). Scott was home from work and so of course he took the opportunity to take Caleb outside to enjoy it.

Later in the day, my brother called, and of course Caleb had to talk on the phone.
All we hear from Caleb is: NO!
Apparently Uncle Justin was asking things like...
  • Did you go outside with Daddy today? NO!
  • Do you like the snow? NO!
  • Was it cold outside? NO!
  • Did you have fun playing in the snow? NO!
  • Did you help Daddy shovel, and clean off the car? NO!

Obviously when he (Caleb) didn't want to come inside after

- maybe a half hour of being outdoors-

it's pretty safe to say that Caleb had (by the look on his face) alot of


: : Too bad, he gets to cold so soon! I was enjoying the warm, quiet indoors...
How did you enjoy the Snow day??

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  1. Hi Bevy,
    Caleb looks like he had a great time even if he didn't "no" it! I didn't have to work Monday, so I worked on a new dust ruffle for my bed and made a pot roast. Right now I have two loaves of your Little Red Hen bread in the oven and they smell wonderful! I used the white whole wheat flour and can't wait to taste them.


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