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Monday, March 30, 2009

Say What!?!?!!

"Hello! this is Caleb speaking...

Sir, what did you just say? a job? Oh really... are you serious?!

You have a job?! and you want to hire my Dad?!

(We have been praying and waiting for this call for a long time. Thank you, Lord!)

I'm so glad I took this call..."

In reality, this is not the case.

Here is our story; I'm finally filling you in with basic details - from which I've left you all hanging with.

For that, I do apologize.

We had really hoped and prayed that we would receive the call that a job, for Scott, had in deed come through - in NC. But obviously, the Lord has other things in mind and we're trusting that we heard the Lord clearly the first time around - maybe it is just a step of faith... and perhaps two years down the road the desire to move south will still be there and turn
into a confirmed reality.
We have decided to stay in the general local area for approximately two more years and that maybe by then the economic situation will have up-righted itself and we can then make a major move- out of state- with no doubts or questions.

We have found a large farmhouse apartment, here in PA
-that if everything continues to go as planned - we should be able to move into by the end of April.

We really consider this the kindness of God. It is much more of a house then we anticipated, and with many more amenities than we could have ever dreamed of. Lots of space for flowers, for the kids to run around -inside & out-, lots of room for Hospitality to take place and well, the list is large, I could go on and on...

: : Thank you, Lord for answering our prayers, although we do not always understand the outcome or the answer. Our hearts are sad.... we still have alot of Why's and SAY WHAT's?! going on in our hearts and minds... but we want to trust you in this, because you are good.
And, you are Sovereign.


  1. Bevy, I must admit I'm very selfish~~I'm glad you'll be staying around here for awhile yet. I hope all goes well with the move into your new home. It sounds like a nice one.

  2. Bev, Sorry to hear about the disappointing news. I am happy to hear of God opening another door though. Praying for peace as you move forward.

  3. Bevy,
    How are you doing today? When we moved into our new home last year, we weren't sure if it was the right decision, either. But I trusted God's direction. He knows what's best for all of us. Things might not be clear to you right now, but He'll guide you through it.

  4. dear bev,
    it makes me sad hearing you describe the space ill be leaving! it is so bittersweet. i love it here! but we feel peace about our move and are excited that you will enjoy our apartment.


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