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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

She's 6 months old...today!

: : I am having a hard time believing this, myself, actually.

~(usually) always content~
~such a silly little goof, sometimes~

What a precious blessing Aubrey has been to our family...
and she continues to remind me, to remind us,
That God is good!!!
Children are such a wonderful blessing & gift from the Lord.
Even when I'm still...
  • Getting up with her once, or so, through the night to nurse her
  • Constantly changing clothes out of her drawers from the already packed boxes; because she's growing so fast
  • cleaning poopy clothes because of an "oops", while changing her diapers
  • at a loss, because she's decided she doesn't need her nuk anymore... & still won't be happy unless she's being held or entertained by someone - namely Caleb, Mommy or Dad!

At least she loves her peas and will often fall asleep on her own

and that right there is a major blessing in itself.

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