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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A simple red bird

So, this is not a very clear picture... but it's very clear to me.
I see this red cardinal, almost, every day outside my kitchen window and I'm grateful
because I need this reminder on a regular basis.
It's very clear that Christ's shed blood,
his redemption plan,
is a very necessary plan.
Thank you Lord for this gentle reminder...
In the midst, of the brambles, of life, there is nothing more real then his life blood to stand out in the thick of my sin and shame.
When all is a tangled mess... this is all that matters...

What can wash away my sin?
"...Nothing but the blood, Nothing but the blood of Jesus..."
Thank you Lord, for this gift of a visual reminder - a simple red bird to gently remind me on a regular basis - of your Grace!!

: : photo taken of cardinal out of my kitchen window.

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