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Thursday, March 26, 2009

This is fun!!

Update on Aubrey. She has her two bottom teeth now, can sit up by herself (loves it!) and is learning to wrestle her big brother,
with Daddy's help. Uhmmmm!

~hog tie!~

~"go get `im"
: : A fun, family (never Mom) occurance of wrestling around on the living room floor.

There are many evenings when I'm arms deep into the kitchen sink and I have to smile, as I overhear the shreiks, shrills and unstoppable laughter coming from the living room... while there is romping, rolling and true silliness running wild...as in the "HOG-TIE"!

I do count myself blessed to have a hubby who desires and finds time to "play" with the kids and who encourages their imaginations, so to speak, on a regular basis. It is really fun!

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  1. Thanks for your comment at the Reluctant Entertainer the other day! I can see you are busy, remember "entertaining" is very small at this season of your life!


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