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Friday, April 10, 2009

Bags, by Bevy!

Every sewer's dream, come true...
~Look what I found!~

Last fall, I came across a stack of various fabrics at one of my favorite fabric stores,
out in Lancaster Co., that was just begging to go home with me.
I wondered, at the time, what would come out of it... and since I needed to make a few "homemade" Christmas gifts...

Well, here are the results!

~one in front, gift for my Mom~

~gift for my sister, Rachel~

~one I, currently, am using for myself~

I really enjoy using this bag as my purse.
With the random fabrics such as I've found - I feel like, like I've found a REAL treasure! Something others maybe have never noticed, or cared, about before.
To put something together, like this, in such a unique creative way
- that is both useful & personal-
makes me feel like my "sewing creativities" are still working for me.
( I haven't sewed, sewed in a long time!)
And, in the meantime, what a great way to use up the savored button collection!!

Now, I'm on a run with it. You can only imagine how many other
"stacks of fabrics"
I've come across since... and what I'm currently working on.

:: Do you like what you see? I'm pretty sure there will be a GIVEAWAY in the near future... along with a more "detailed introduction" to Bags by Bevy... Keep checking in!

Happy Easter, to all!!


  1. Bevy, They're absolutely gorgeous! What a talent!
    Have a blessed Easter!

  2. Hi again, Bevy!
    The comment posted by "Josh" was really from me. I didn't realize that my son was signed in with his email account! Oops!
    Anyway, have a Blessed Easter with your family!

  3. I don't mind a comment from Josh!! :>)
    THANKS for clarifying though. I often wonder who all reads this blog and yet doesn't comment. It would be kinda neat if more would let me know what they think through the "comments", even if they don't have their own blog - like you do. Thanks, Nancy, for your faithful encouragement. I do appreciate it.

  4. Hi!

    Nice to hear from you on my blog (I have a second which I'm liking much better). I agree with you on the 107.5...I was a little dismayed when it turned to Frank Fm, but the new station isn't so bad. I really like a different Christian station - I think it's 88 or 90 something? I also LOVE your bags! Are you from the West Chester area too?


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