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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So, this is It!!

And, I echo... "Yeah, this is it!". We are down to the home stretch. These next few days are the final days before "the move". I (personally) am still mourning the loss that it isn't a move to NC. But, at the same time, I am grateful and rejoicing in the Lord's provision for what he has provided for us, here in PA.
As Scott and I were talking over the past weekend about the moving plans and details we admitted to some things that we will miss about this place. Here are a few of those things we mentioned.
  • all the natural lighting , during the day, that we had from all the windows surrounding the house
  • the wild raspberry patch out back
  • the largest forsythia and bridal wreath bushes I have ever seen... some of my favorites
  • all the coolness (gentle breezes) coming up the hill from the creek - we were always a few degrees cooler around here then most folks
  • that might of had a lot to do with all the shade trees around
  • the deer and other wildlife
  • lots of memories, made

And, I love Scott's nostalgia...

  • "This is where our little ones were born and raised. This is their first memory of Home!" (Not that Aubrey will remember much)

There is a lot we won't miss. For instance, the steep hill (not flat) driveway. But that, and more, is better left unsaid. We do look forward to the new place with great anticipation. There is so much more that awaits us there... in ways that it will suit our family's needs better, as the little ones continue to grow. More then we could have ever dreamed or imagined, awaits us.

A house is not a home unless that is where the heart is.

And, so I do want to mention something that has been impressed upon my heart through all this season of packing and moving. How and why do we have so much Stuff? Thank God this is only temporal. We do have to live and have our being. But...

Heaven is my HOME!! And, I cannot wait to go there. Still, in the meantime, we are meant to be faithful stewards of the earthly blessings that he has given us. Lord, help us be just that...

Faithful! because, this is it!!

: : By the way, we move this coming Friday/Saturday so they're won't be any more blog posting's until after we get relocated.


  1. i think that is why i am so sentimental about leaving this place! we prepared the nurserey and waited nine long months to lay a baby in that crib. it was conners first home and where we first became parents! i sat in that room on the rocker and justed rocked and thought and imagined what it would be like to sit there and rock my baby that i felt stirring in my womb! God has truly blessed us! congrats on your new home bev, scot, caleb, and aubrey

  2. I love this post. We, too, are looking to buy a home (our first home, actually), with nothing yet on the horizon. I've been reminded again and again that God has everything in place and in His perfect timing. Thank you for yet another great reminder - HEAVEN is our home - and everything (even the greatest of homes) HERE is NOTHING in comparison! Much luck moving - are you moving far?

  3. Of all the houses that we have lived in, Regaurdless of who came home from the hospital to that home. I always had a dream of having a place that my kids could call home and would eventually come back to. It is great having a place knowing that your roots are growing into the ground and that it's yours to stay as long as God allows! So congrats on the purchase of your own home. Keep up the posting, I love coming to check out what you are up to!
    Hugs~ Sarah

  4. Hey Sarah,
    Just to quickly (correctly)update you - we're still renting...:(...but would love to own our own home, one day. This is just a HUGE farmhouse apartment, here in PA. Our roots are still in the potential of an "out-of-state" one day happening. God only knows all those details.
    I love knowing that you regularly check in...thanks!


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