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Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's all in the little things...

~Side by Side~

Four years later, and it's still the little things that really matter. Today is our wedding anniversary. It's hard to believe that four years have gone by so quickly. With two beautiful children later... here we are still side by side.

Nine months after getting married, it was around Valentine's day, and I was with a group of other couples, from church, for a valentine dinner. This was back when Scott still drove truck and so he was not able to be with me that night... I brought along an 8x10 picture of him to put at his seat, next to mine. I thought it was sweet & romantic. One of the young single guys from our group (who was helping to serve the meal) didn't know us very well, at the time, & got all concerned that, by me having this picture along, that Scott had passed away. It still tickles me to think about that.

But one of the evening's activities was to go around the table and tell what it was/is that you think has or will make your marriage last. Remember, I was there alone without my hubby and also very newly married. There were several couples there who were married 26years... some more, some less. So, I felt really intimidated when it came time for me to answer.

When it was my turn I was really honest, when I said that "It's the little things that Scott and I will do for each other - on a consistent basis- that really matter. For instance; We always prepare each other's toothbrush with paste and get the mouthwash ready. If whoever is there first - we'll just go ahead and "set-up" for the other. If we forget, there is almost a tendency to get "offended".... it's kinda funny when that happens, because it doesn't happen very often. We've done this gesture since day one and four years later, it's still happening.

Well, I got laughed at when I shared that. I was surprised. I didn't know that some of these couples would think it strange, or whatever. All that to say, it is so important for us as a couple(and I use the toothbrush story to illustrate) to keep the little things in focus. Follow it up with the graciousness of "please" and "thank you"... and just being considerate of one another, never taking each other for granted! "Taking each other for granted" is one of the biggest traps that we have chosen to avoid falling into. It's hard. And we have failed at times. But, by the thinking about this and talking about it again and again... it just has made such a difference, for us.

I don't want to give away all of our secrets, but here is one more that I hope will continue to be a little thing that will continue to make a HUGE difference and will help to keep our marriage strong. We always hold hands all the time. While driving in the car, while out and around, praying together, even sometimes while falling asleep in bed,... it's something we hope our little ones will know about Mom and Dad that "they are a team!" - they did together like no body else could. There is never a picture so sweet as one I have in my memory, a memory of my grandparents. Where ever they went it was always hand in hand. Side by side. I want to do that too.

There may come a day when either Scott or I will be "walking alone"... we don't know. But, rest assured, if and when that day comes there will be no regrets when by looking back we will know that we never parted ways whether in the physical sense or when talking on the phone that we didn't say, "I love you". The little gestures will then be just a memory, and the constant desire to never take each other for granted was then the greatest gift, given to each other. But for now, we are still here - side by side. May God be glorified...

I love being married to this man.

"Scott, you are such a joy and what a rich blessing you are in my life!! Thank you for choosing me to be your wife. Happy Anniversary, Babe!! I love you....and consider this post your little love note tucked into your lunch box today. Hope you have a great day!" ~me


  1. Happy Anniversary!
    And I don't know why anyone would laugh at your toothbrush story...I think it's rather sweet. It is those little things in life, that matter!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I love that you focus on the "little things" - because those are the things that truly count. :) How is your new house? I'm confused - is it a house or an apartment? Do you feel settled in?

    Glad you like the granola bar recipe - is your recipe on this blog? I'm going to leave the comment section and go scour for it now!


  3. Hey Lisa & Steph. Thanks for the Anniversary wishes. We had a wonderful evening, after dinner... just listening to the tape of our wedding service. Beautiful memories. and, Steph, I thought I should clarify to you , it is an apartment iside of a farmhouse. There are 3 apartments in this house...so it is huge! Still settling, but it is going much better then I anticipated. I think it is because there is so much room it poses two "problems" - Where do I put this? and where do I put this?, if you know what I mean. I love it!
    Don't know if you found my granole recipe. No picture :( but it is found in Feb.9th post. called Granola Bars. Yours are way healthier- I'm sure.
    Thanks for both your comments~B

  4. Hi Bevy,
    Happy Anniversary! Hope you go out and have a special night just the two of you. Thanks for the great comments on my blog. Sounds like you are living my dream:) But my life is already pretty dreamy too. Have a blessed day.


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