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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Life is too short to ignore that death is a reality...

While desiring not to be cliche, I also wanted to bring this testimony, of Rachel Barkey, to your attention, because I know alot of other's are posting this on their blogs, too. It's a testimony that just really grabs your attention as you listen to Rachel speak. Is her faith "tempted to quake" in the midst of her cancer? Maybe at times. But NO-not really, because it's firmly rooted in the deep, abiding love of her Savior. Her faith is unwavering and strong. She really presents the Gospel in a way that makes you long for more of HIM!

It honestly took me 3 attempts to get through the 55 minute video presentation. Life with two little ones kept "happening".... and so, over the course of 3 days I could hardly wait to come back to it and hope to finish it.

I finally did today!

I was left with the challenge of how I live my life, day to day, as a Mom. And how often the me, Me, ME! gets in the way. She alludes to this tendency as to how for out of convenience sake alot of things have been no, No NO with her kids... and how that now she is learning to live out her last few days with more Yes's!

I needed to hear that...
As someone who personally understands the pain of losing a Dad, all four of my grandparents and other close friends and family members... Death is not easy to comprehend. But Life is too short to ignore that it is a reality. Right now Scott's Dad has cancer - for the second time around. He was just told that his melanoma cancer has returned. It's now in his liver and beyond. There is very little if nothing that they can do anymore. We need to pray for him...

I have another dear friend (a wife and Mom, of 3 beautiful kids) who just has been through her own battle with breast cancer. So far, things look positive and are remaining hopeful for her. We thank God for her healing.

This reality hits home, for all of us, in so many ways... but, doesn't it make you long for HOME even more?? Let's remember to live every day as if we knew that it was our last day.

: : Please, take the time to listen to Rachel's message of Hope; Death is Not Dying, a Faith that saves.

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