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Friday, May 8, 2009

We're Moved!!!

Yes!! It's over... the move is finally behind us. What a blessing this farmhouse has turned out to be. We started loading up the moving truck on Friday evening... and with (most wonderful) help from family and friends, we decided to go ahead and keep at it until ALL was out of the old house and over at the new one. I think it was 2:30 AM when Scott and I looked at each other and said "we must be crazy" - but boy, are we ever glad we did that. The little ones actually slept through alot of the "moving in" going on around them. That was a great blessing...

And then it had started raining -slightly - as we had started loading up the truck, but it held off enough to get the job done. I think maybe within 10 minutes after going to bed, IT POURED!! What a blessing.... that it held off, and it's been raining ever since. Nine days straight!!

Caleb has much to "explore" but... he did have a tough evening Saturday... yet, seems to be adjusting rather well. Aubrey has no idea what has taken place... as long as Mom (or some familiar face) is around.

The rather daunting task of unpacking is going better then I expected. I've had such blessing with my Mom or siblings, even a few friends come by to lend a hand at unpacking/arranging and rearranging. Scott has been great too, with the extra but normal tasks of laundry, etc. that continue to "demand" attention.

We're Moved - at the outpouring of God's grace in and through this season of our lives. The blessings that continue to be poured out on us... are amazing. ALL so undeserved.


  1. Hi Bevy!
    I'm so glad all went well for your move and that the weather held out. I was praying for you throughout the day Saturday and this week as you're settling in. Enjoy your new home!
    Hope to see you soon.
    Nancy ;-)

  2. You know what comes after you get settled in? PICTURES!!! and more babies! =D I'll be keeping an eye out forthe picture and no pressure as far as the babies go!
    So happy that you guys got moved in and the Lord blessed you with no major downpours!


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