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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Beautiful Feet - without the pedicure

The other day I had an appointment to get my hair cut and to have a pedicure done. I was SO EXCITED!! I decided it would be okay to get a few highlights added - but my thoughts were really towards the pedicure.

You see. I have (based on my own opinion) horrible feet... I'm a barefoot kind of girl, all day long. My feet are calloused and rough around the edges, however, I do paint my own toenails, on occasion, but I am not particular about my feet like I should be and I certainly don't have a clue how other people can take so much time on their [own]. I admire them for that, but it's a losing battle for me. So, all in all, pedicures come every now and then for me as my long anticipated treat to myself.

 And, this was going to be special.

Let me back up a bit into the story. I have a friend from church who is a hairdresser. She has done my hair in the past (again, even haircuts are not the regular happening for me) and I like how she cuts my head of curls. Becky is new to this particular salon in our area, and so word was out that if you go to this particular store, as a new client, anything done by her would be half price. However, Becky doesn't do pedicures. I knew that but I didn't realize all that was assumed. I somehow was under the impression that anything done in the store as a first time customer would be 50% off... but, no. Rather, it was any service done by Becky.

This is where I want to honor my friend and sister in the Lord. She had quickly realized the situation - my misunderstanding- and brought it to my attention. She tried hard to see if the store would honor the said quote/my misunderstanding. I was also trying to quickly tally up everything in my head of what would be the cost.... I only had $60.00 to work with... because that is what was budgeted. The cut & wash was $13.00 and any foils (for highlights) were going to be $1.50 each. Not bad at half price. The pedicure was going to be another $35. Ahhh!! I didn't have enough money. The temptation started in on how was I going to explain this one to my hubby, how could I swing it, because I really wanted the pedicure over highlights, which by now, at this point, was WAY TOO LATE, as I had foils hanging off my head in all directions.

I decided I really needed to call my man. When Becky comes over, apologizes and says; "Bev, you know your finances. You should really call your husband and ask him what he would have you do". I called and we (Scott and I) agreed that if I can cancel the appointment for the pedicure, to go ahead and do that and "sorry... but we misunderstood". That is exactly what happened.

My testimony is and in looking back - I just had to "thank" Becky for encouraging me to honor my husband (even though I missed out on a great pedicure, this time around) in efforts of communicating with him about the situation, and in doing my part to stick to our budget. She totally understood. She said her husband would be & appreciate the same. I left there feeling so good because of my decision. It was an easy one, too, because of her encouragement to respect my husband by calling him first and to inform him before going through on my temptation to reason and rationalize away the results of misinterpretation.

For the first time, in a long time, I feel like I have really beautiful feet. Make any sense??


  1. I love the lesson learned - about honoring our spouses and our finances! God totally blesses obedience and humility.

    And no - the "Mini" confession title was a totally unintentional pun!

    Enjoy your weekend...

  2. Awww. I completely understand how you must have felt. I never get pedicures and rarely pay someone to cut my hair. In fact, last time I wanted my hair cut...I was so sick of it that I chopped it off myself, and yes, it looked awful. These days, I just try to unwind with a simple bubble bath and I use a natural cream called Topricin foot cream for my tired and achy tootsies! It feels wonderful and helps with inflammation, calluses, dryness, aches and so on. This is as close to a pedicure as I may get for a long while. As for the haircut? Well, I think my hubs saw the horrifying effects of my own personal haircutting...so maybe we can budget in 13.00 for a simple cut. Let's hope! smilinggreenmom


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