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Monday, June 8, 2009

A few pots of earth

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"Don't let artificial light and city streets keep you from noticing sunsets and sunrises, from experiencing the spring of new life and the harvest of fall.
If you don't have a farm, at least have a window box,
or a few pots of earth".
~ M Basil Pennington
A place apart

I have been busy the last few days, outside, working with just a few pots of earth. It's been fun, but a bit difficult, especially with two little ones playing in and spilling the watering can, pulling fragile plants out of the box that are waiting to go into the dirt, grabbing the tools trying to "help", as well as even eating the ground, stones or grass, etc. Things eventually got planted, watered and are now slowly growing (well). But, it got really messy. I got impatient. I was in a hurry, trying to get the job done before the rain came...you know how it is.

My words seem so limited here, but it got me to thinking about us as people. You know, God is the Creator of life... and everyday He is "doing the process" of growing us. I wonder if He is seeing us, "the pots of earth", as vessels He can use. We are made of clay, earth, though we may feel unworthy, dirty, broken and at best, cracked.

 Often we may wonder how we can be of any use. At times, we may want to "help" do the work that God is doing. But, in that, we often get in the way. We'll often (more times then not) "quarrel with our Maker". It can get messy (or look messy, from our perspective) but thank God for his grace, goodness and patience when it calls for our growth and well-being.

Lord, I pray, help me to be that "Vessel of Honor", one that you can use. I come, today, as a broken clay pot of earth. Thank you for your patience with me...may I be able to hold (and do) all that you ask me to, to grow slowly... so that I will grow WELL. ~Amen.

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