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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

a fresh bouquet of white...

Do you like what you see? I'm starting to, myself. Here's why...
This is the basket that usually sits on our dining room table, and (used to be) filled with my favorite paper napkins (I have this thing for a certain brand/style - they have to be a certain texture and weight. I still love this product). But we ran out of them, and since we do our major grocery shop once a month, I got inspired to come up with something else.
Here was my inspiration. Steph, from over at "Confessions of a Stay at home Mom", presented the idea and challenge to consider ways of going green. I gave it some thought (really quick, because I had to do something, with the lack of paper napkins, for dinner that night) and decided; Why not use REAL, LINEN napkins? Life is too short... to save them for "a rainy day" and "fancy-schmancy meals", down the road, even with little kids, at the table. I'll be honest, I will probably plan to keep a package of my favorite paper napkins for the "emergency picnic" that gets planned - you know... but, I am really liking the linen.
The question could be asked - "What goes for you charming or practical?" For me, I have to ask myself if it is really an effort of "going green" and finding small ways to help save a few bucks here and there? or is it, simply, because it is quite charming and that I just like to see the looks on friends and family's faces when I tell them to "go ahead and help yourself to a cloth napkin from the basket". All around, It's priceless...!
The other plus is that I actually have several others of these type of napkins that if there is a pile waiting to get thrown into the laundry (and bleached) that I have plenty others to keep the basket filled at all times. The ones you see here (rolled up in the basket) are approximately 24"x 24". I just fold it in half once and roll up, then I sorta fold that in half and let it just sit randomly in the basket, then as all eight napkins are placed in there it almost looks like ...
a fresh bouquet of white flowers is in the center of the table.
: : Photo : : These napkins were the best housewarming gift from my real life friend, Amiee. Thanks sista!! We'll see how these do on our dinner (of BBQ ribs) Friday night - You are still planning to come over, right?


  1. Hi Bev,
    I've been using cloth napkins for years for the same reason~~why waste all that paper? I found some really nice ones on ebay. When the boys were little, I used dish cloths for napkins or wove my own. I love the idea of putting them into a basket. Keep those great ideas coming! Have a wonderful week!

  2. You may want to dig up some darker napkins if we are eating ribs! I can't wait to make a yummy mess!

  3. Yay! I'm so glad, and you are right - it DOES look a bouquet of flowers!


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