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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Quilt Ideas - anyone?

While in VA this past week... my Mother-in-law, Susie, asked me to help her go through several bags of fabrics and clothes that she has been toting around from over the years. I was thrilled! Only to get really excited when she started pulling out all these patches that were hand sewn together by her mother, Ruth, (who was, by far, the most beautiful seamstress I have ever "known" - I only wish I could have met her in person, but she passed away long before I came into the family). There are even several cut out scrap peices left over that I can continue piecing together more patches, of the same, if I want too.

All that to say, I just laid these all out on the floor to see what we had to work with... and I know that there is certainly something more creative I could do with the design. And so I'm asking for some ideas.

First off, does anyone know what the pattern itself might be called? And secondly, if you do recognize the pattern... What types of unique designs are out there?

: : On a side note, these patches are all individually hand sewn together, mostly made of vintage and feed sack type fabrics. Susie had many memories of the different fabrics... like as from a blouse, shirt or PJ's of either hers or her siblings. It was a fun day, now another fun project awaits...

Oh, and wait till I show you the other quilt that she gave me. It's called "Grandmother's Flower Garden". Again, it's hand sewn together - just not completed. Pictures will be coming later.

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  1. Hi Bevy,
    I can't tell how large the piece in the picture is, but how about framing it for wall art? It would preserve it and you could enjoy it without worrying about it wearing out.


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