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Friday, July 3, 2009

Blog Post updates...

I have several updates to fill you in on...

  • My post on "Quilt Ideas, Anyone" involving the patches that I wasn't sure what they were called - well, I discovered that it is called Ocean Waves. One evening, I went to my stack of quilting books, and about fell out of my chair, as I basically opened the book right to this page; same pattern, same various shades of blue - just a more normal looking design.

  • There was a mistake in my recipe for the Toffee Brownie Bites. I fixed it now, but you may have to update your recipe if you copied it down. It takes 2 tsp. of vanilla in the filling, as well. I am sorry that the recipe was unclear.

  • And, sad news... but comforting at the same time. If you have read the post I put up on "Life is too short to ignore that death is a reality... ", then you will know that I am talking about Rachel Barkey. She passed away, yesterday, and is now HOME FREE, with her Lord in Heaven. She is free of this life, it's pain and sorrow, it's limitations... Let's remember her husband, Neil and two young daughter's as they journey through this really "tough" season of their lives. May they know HIS comfort at this time. If you haven't listened to her video testimony, please take the time to do so, TODAY. It is so worth every minute of your time.

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