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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The explanation of a "Scott Dog"...Come on, you know you're curious.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, there are hot dogs
and then there are "Scott Dogs"!
Let me tell you the story about how & where this term originated. We were invited to friends of ours for a cookout (hot dog) dinner, one evening. They have several kids and one of their sons, Moses, who was about 8yrs old, at the time, has a lisp - AND, a wonderful sense of humor.

The condiments were scattered around the table... the mayo, the ketchup, relish, diced onions - never mind the mustard - which is something I would prefer...
My husband started asking for the mayonnaise and Mr. C took note (making comment) of the careful way that my hubby started to "prepare" his dog. Scott spread the roll (down both sides) with mayo, and placed his hot dog just so and then asked for the ketchup, which he then in true art form makes a nice zigzag ketchup design all across the top.

Next, he adds relish along the one side of the hot dog, and carefully sprinkles diced onion along the top. Whalaa...

~"Scott Dog" Masterpiece~

But you see, we hadn't named it that yet. Everyone went back to their own meal, laughing, enjoying each other's company - amazed and still talking about Scott's creativity... when from young, witty, 8 yr old Moses... we hear; "I wanna make me a Scott Dog...
Can you pass them, please?"

We thought we heard right, (Did he say Scott or Hot?) and so they have been rightly named.
You can make one too, only, as long as you follow all the steps; using all the same condiments and in the same precise order... NOTE: Any hint of mustard does not qualify.
And I quote; "Why would you want to destroy a perfectly good hot dog? - by using mustard, unless you're eating a corn dog."


  1. Hey babe,

    It is actually…..Mayo on one side (The rolled side of the bun for precise, not the flat then side of the bun), and what is left on the knife gets wiped off on the other side of the bun, then the dog, relish, THEN ketchup, and onion. And an ever so slight squeeze of the bun to bring it all together.


  2. I am laughing, because the first post here is actually from an email exchange that Scott and I had this morning in regards to the Scott Dog Masterpiece to which I answered; "I suppose I will have to pay more attention to his detail but I'm too busy preparing my own dog with - 'Pass, the mustard, please'! I absolutley had no idea that I was that far off... there is alot of differance between what I thought the Scott Dog was and how he actually does prepare it. Too funny!!
    Just another reason why I love my man!!


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