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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just a few near heart attack's...

As fairly new parents to one, with a second on the way, and the first time being to the cabin with a little guy who was just "busy" - all the time, we, as parents, were wary about EVERYTHING!!

Keep us on our toes, that he did. Thankfully, with so many people there, there were plenty of eyes on Caleb as well as to help entertain him. It really helped. Now, this year, it will be very interesting trying to keep up with two, small, very busy children. At least I'm not pregnant this time around.

This is a picture of us right after church, on Sunday Morning. It's been sort of tradition to get "family pictures" up at the cabin, while everybody is still dressed up. Kind of neat. But, let me tell you the story that happened this particular morning, while at service.

It was a HOT, humid morning. The church is small, just a few folks attend, but apparently they just had had a week of Vacation Bible School. Well, during the service, Scott offered to take Caleb out to change his diaper. He wandered down to the basement to find a table to change Caleb on and he actually found a "nursery" of sorts. Great!!

All of a sudden, Scott realized that Caleb had pulled a brown bottle off of a shelf that was just within his reach (imagine that). Scott realizes it's Hydrogen Peroxide, but too late, Caleb had poured this onto himself, in his hair and some actually got into his eyes. We're not sure if it got in his eye from him rubbing his eyes or because of the spill. Well, that freaked Scott out immensely. He came upstairs and dramatically motions for me to come out of service.

One of the ladies, from the church, heard the commotion, profusely apologized over and over , totally upset herself - realizing the "mistake" of someone having left the cap of the Hydrogen Peroxide bottle unscrewed - most likely from their previous week of VBS. She helped us by making phone calls to the local ER and then to Poison Control. We had no idea what this would do to our little guy. Talk about having a near heart attack.

Poison Control was very helpful, in assuring us that the percentage amount of alcohol in it was so low that if we just continued to flush the eye with water, over the next hour or so, it would be fine. Caleb amazingly let us do that. I'm sure it burned. But that being said, it cleared up a clogged tear duct issue that we had been having with him. And, his blonde hair was just a little bit blonder for a while after that.

Okay, so on to the next near heart attack - thankfully, this was on a different day!

This is not a very good picture, but it was the only one I could find of Caleb's extreme interest in playing in and with the stones under the pavilion. This was still the time of his life that everything went into his mouth (and he thoroughly enjoyed the "tasting experience" that went along with that). But, he would play with these stones - picking them up by the handfuls, holding them over his head and letting them "rain" down on himself. OVER AND OVER!!

We were also having diaper issues with him - meaning he was often constipated, and being at the cabin was no different, in that regard.
So, sometimes when Caleb would poop, it was nothing but little "rabbit turds".

One evening, Scott, once again, was about to change Caleb's diaper... he took him up to our room, and about fainted. Well, at first he thought it was little "poop turds" (poor guy) -because in the dark of the room it looked just like it...

And, then he realizes that is just little stones from when Caleb was playing outside. We laughed so hard. We were just grateful that he didn't eat any of them (that we know of), the stones had, somehow, just worked themselves into the diaper. But in thinking back it was no wonder that we would often find Caleb pulling at his diaper, like something had to be totally uncomfortable.

I wonder what "dilemma's" we will encounter this year?? Not that I'm hoping for any.

: : Now, off to making a major list and some food to take along up. I started, but need to finish working on making my part of the food contribution:

2 Funny Cake
Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake
(this is really good, I plan to
post this recipe, soon)
Macaroni and Potato Salad

Most, if not all of, the rest of the family and friends left today for the Cabin. We'll join them, Lord Willing, on Monday evening.

See you tomorrow for more adventures! I hope you're all enjoying this mini-series...


  1. I've heard of stone soup, but never stone poop! That story was hilarious! You're only taking 2 funny cakes? That would last me about 2 days! I hope you all have a wonderful, restful trip. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. Nancy: I'm bringing two funny cakes, and so is my sister...Rachel. If you think of us, please pray for us. MINUMAL STRESS!

  3. So glad your wee one was ok!! So funny about the stone poop though! Your dh must have been real surprised at first. I'm enjoying reading about your time at the cabin. Hugs, Heather


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