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Monday, July 27, 2009

Random wrap- it-up photos of "the Cabin"...

Well, it's time to wrap up the mini-series here (about our time last year) and move on to actually going to "the cabin". We leave this evening as soon as Scott gets home from work. Lord Willing! We're packed and ready - I hope!

This is my family - setting up to get a family picture taken. I think everyone is on this picture except for Stephen, my sister Martha's husband.

~ Here is Martha, with son A. J.- Martha is also expecting their second
baby, due two weeks after ours~

Lots of eyes closed here!!
~ A very candid photo of my Mom (in front, center) my two sister's Lorene (l), Juline (r) and
brothers (l to r); Joel, Nate and Justin~

~ friends of our family - all siblings;
Tyler, Anthony, Brandon and Nicole~

~Just another fun shot of my three brothers, by the pond!~

~My Sister, Rachel, her husband, John, and their 3 daughters;
(l to r), Maddalyn, Sarah and Grace
This is always a special spot for my sister and "her man"! The cabin is where John proposed to Rachel - and boy! was there ever hooting and hollering that evening.

The next picture is of my Aunt Mary and Uncle Roy (remember from, the skunk story)
with their three children; (l to r) Reuben, Sarah and Phillip

I just want to add a quick Prayer Request. My Aunt and Uncle are not able to attend this year's time up at the cabin. The kids are coming. But, Uncle Roy was recently diagnosed with Acute Myloid Leukemia. He has since been through a round of treatments, and seems to be doing rather well. Obviously there are always side effects that are NOT PLEASANT to deal with.
Just pray for Roy and Mary as they walk through this scary season. They KNOW God's mighty hand is leading them through.

This next picture was also taken at the same time as these family-type pictures. I just happened to notice her "hiding" and quick snapped the picture.
My sister was playing "hide and seek" with one of the little ones...

She looks like she's "bearly" hiding, doesn't it?

Lorene is such a great aunt. Her she is again playing some game with the Little's.
I can't tell what game it is, though.

YES!! Majority Rules!! Guess you can tell who won the vote...

...and who didn't?
I think it was decided that this year, there will be a literal, every other night, switch off - guys one night, ladies the other.

This is always the sad part.
Time to start packing up, and head out for home!!

It's always a huge chore to make sure that everything from approximately 25 people gets packed up, that nothing gets left behind, that the cabin is left in better condition then when we got there.
You can certainly feel it when someone is "not around" to help do their part in the clean-up.

But it goes pretty well. Everybody is getting older... they have learned to keep up after themselves. I can remember when, back in the day, there were like 16 kids all under the age of 13, running around... try to keep up with towels, water shoes, etc!...you name it.

: : Like I mentioned, this is the end of the mini-series on our "happening" family, vacation spot. I really hope you enjoyed it - there is WAY MORE that I could have shared with you all.
Now, we're off to enjoy it, ourselves, for real.
I promise; no tubing for me (nobody asked me to share this story, yet), and Lord Willing; no skunks for anyone, either.
I forgot to tell you about the time my Dad fed a bear right out of his hand...

or, when my sister, Gladys, slipped off a rock on the far side of the pond, and she kept walking right through the pond (arms flailing) and back on to the shore side ( I still laugh when I remember that) - the pond was rather low that year...

or, about the old railroad bed and the Indian Graveyard out behind the cabin...
or about the crazy, late-night, game nights, skits and practical jokes...

or, about the (many) fish that got away!!!!


  1. Have a wonderful time! May He give you a blessed, relaxing vacation!

  2. Hope it is a great time! Wnated you to know that our new favorite bars is Neiman Marcus Bars, and they are our friends too. And we have been enjoying the coffee coolatta wanna bes too. Having company today and making the coffee.



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