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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This is "wheely" fun!!

Yesterday we had a nice little surprise, with a phone call, from our former neighbor lady, asking if we would like some company for a little bit. Here she brought along this 3-wheeler (actually she brought two of the same). These pictures, of Caleb, were actually taken right before we moved. He was having so much fun with them and I guess her grandchildren are just too big for them now. She told me that she wanted to give them to us, but I just figured she had forgotten.

Quite the blessing, today!!

It was funny, because, just for grins I put Aubrey on Caleb's other little car here. And she took off, on it. I mean, not fast, but on her own. Even though I had sat her on it from time to to time and steadied her, but pushing her ever so slightly, I was really surprised at my little 10 month old, doing this all by herself. I guess, she decided, she really needs to find a way to keep up with her big brother - and this is just another one of those ways.

Oh, amazing, isn't it? We always have someone "waiting in the wings", wanting to follow in the footsteps. My mother always used to say; "Monkey see, Monkey do. Monkey does the same as you". That's what it feels like -is happening- around here everyday. Yeah, it's really fun...

If you'd like, follow me as I revisit a previous post, called Stepping in the Shadow, as I take the time to ask myself -again- the question of; Who am I following?

I hope you are/were "tracking with me", here,
because it is just something really good to think about. Plus, great scripture to meditate on.

May God bless your day, today, as you "wheely" follow HIM with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.

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