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Thursday, July 30, 2009

"We're Home!" (from the cabin)

This year was "sew" different for me. It was certainly my choice, and I'm so glad I got the chance to get caught up on some sewing (hint: Bags by Bevy ;)). But, in doing that, I feel like I didn't truly experience the cabin and all it's glory, this year... if you know what I mean?
I also had no idea that my Mom had the same agenda on her list... to get some sewing done... and so there we sat, side by side, (which we hadn't done in years) with our machine's a hummin'.

It was a wonderful several days, away, time spent with the family. We arrived late Monday evening... and thankfully the little ones were asleep when we got there, and, the fact that we were able to keep them asleep while we finished getting "settled in" was wonderful. The early morning(s), however, were a different story...I think the kiddo's conspired together to wake the rooster up. So, Scott and I decided that this would our opportunity to go for early morning walks with them. With all the fresh mountain air, the exercise included... they ate great for breakfast and were pretty much ready for a nap to follow. What blessings, all around!!

It sure was beautiful. Here are a few pictures of our time, a strollin'...

Big Brother wanted, a turn, to "push"...
Aubrey just totally enjoyed the stroll.
It was just a great time for Scott and I to be...
Words, no words, hand in hand (when possible), simply enjoying God's creation and counting our many, many blessings.

We had a lot of rain - for sure, every evening, and at least all day, Wednesday. So, that contributed to the lack of "crazy" activities. Another thing that felt really different was that a lot of family and friends left either Sunday or earlier, Monday. So, we missed them by mere hours.
But there was still plenty of fun all around. Everyone had a grand ole time, all stayed safe - no accidents, no major wildlife encounters...no crazy stories, this year!!
Hey, thanks for thinking of us. Until next year - that's it for "the cabin"-
it was another happenin' time.


  1. Welcome back, pioneer woman! Looks like you had a relaxing time. I hope you took lots of pictures to post!

  2. Wonderful pictures of your time at the cabin! I'm so glad everyone had a great time and you all got back safely. Hugs, Heather


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