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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Yes, we have running water!"...

In keeping with the mini-series about our family vacation to come... I thought I would share with you one of the "ever changing" scenes and fun spots of the cabin.

I can remember, years ago, when we would tell people that we were going to this cabin and they found out there was no bathroom (just an outhouse outback), folks would automatically assume that there was no running water (actually, they were correct) but we were quick to say, "Yes, we have running water...we just have to run and get it, from the creek". I can remember lugging a bucket or two back to the cabin for us to boil, to drink, to cook with and so that we would have water to use for dishes or washing up with. Thankfully, that is not the case now. The cabin is so modernized now, it just isn't quite the same as years gone by.

Like I mentioned, every year it seems like something is different about the creek right across the dirt road, from the cabin. For instance, dams are usually built and it seems like we would always try to place a rock "just so" to see if it would still be in the same place the next year. Ha! Ha! Last year, somebody's new addition, was these rocks set into the ground
creating a great staircase leading down to the water's edge.
Very Creative!!

Let me tell you, this is some REALLY COLD WATER!! But Caleb was having so
much fun in here, it was hard to get him out.

There is no sound more beautiful then the sound of constant running water over rocks. Many an inner tube has gone through these waters and over rocks. It's really a sad year if the creek is low and just a "trickle" is going by. One year, we were able to do a really cool creek hike. I think the water was, for the most part, ankle high that year and so it was pretty easy to go quite aways. Then we would find a pretty deep pool...and we would all take our turns
"getting wet" just to cool off.

It's really great to come out here in the early morning, just to sit, relax, and have some quiet time with the Lord and take in HIS goodness - all the beauty of his creation- and if your lucky, you can catch yourself a good fish or two. Not me, though!!
This creek has seen many of late night swimmers, and one year, well I still have to laugh
about this one...and we still love to "remind" my uncle about this one, too.
It was getting to be pretty dark outside and my Uncle Roy, all of a sudden goes streaking across the yard, under the volleyball net, over the road, clothes are flying and SPLASH!! Into the water... my Aunt Mary goes running after him to see what was the matter. Clothes are hanging from the trees and bushes...even into the next morning.
and then we SMELL, the smell of a tell-tale skunk. End of story. Poor guy, where in the world do you find enough tomato juice, up at the cabin, in order to get all the smell out?!?!

(Which, by the way, skunk is one of my favorite smells, except in such close proximity!)

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