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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"EARS" to us, for doing such a fine job!!

What do you get when you have about 700+ ears of 
 INCREDIBLE corn...?

Lots of willing hands to help...?

A sweet little taste tester...?
 And bowls and bowls of scrumptious yellow...? 

You got it, one very CORN-y party!!
Actually, these pictures are from our corn party last year.  But this past Saturday found us (over the course of nine hours, including lunch) doing the very same thing.  It is so great to keep "the mess" all outside.  We shuck it, cook it, cool it, cut it or cream it (eat some) and bag it up, basically to divide between three families. And with everyone willing to help, it really does seem to go fast.  What is really fun, are the conversations that just sort of start to fly around.  When everyone is there, sitting or standing around, and you got an audiance?  Look out!  You really get to know your family in a unique and interesting way.  There is nothing like putting away the season's goodness to savor, later on, over the coming months. Nor like the memories that are ever being made.

: : What about you?  Are you enjoying the season's best? 

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  1. Looks like everyone is having a great time! The taste of corn in the middle of the winter is so yummy! We planted four acres of sweet corn and have two stands for selling, one at home here and another about 20 minutes from home. We are very busy with that now and probably for another couple weeks. I have put some in the freezer, this week is the week for heavy duty corn husking and getting in the freezer. Have a wonderful day Bevy, Heather


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