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Monday, August 3, 2009

Corner's of my Home - the Nursery!

I always wanted a "nursery" or kid's room decorated in as much vintage decor as possible - meaning old, antique toys, heirloom quilts, even actual baby paraphernalia from
back in the day.
I have used things like; glass baby bottles, a baby scale, etc.
When we moved to this house, and because the walls are plastered (because they are thick, stone walls)..., I wasn't sure how hanging this shelf would work. My brother, Justin, came over one evening and got it mounted - very carefully.
So, now, because the little ones are getting bigger, I decided I was finally able to display all the old toys some that I had collected over the years or ones that were actually either Scott's or mine. I hate to say that, it makes me feel like we're really getting old. To call our old toys, antiques...but it's true.

The framed piece is actually a medical type booklet, that my sister found for me one time. She actually gave it to me for part of a baby gift. I just found an old frame, that fits it perfectly. And the funny thing is, is that she gave it before Caleb was born, yet it sort of looks like Aubrey, with the reddish hair.

If you would like, you can reread this post...
Where "simple prayers" are prayed.

The kiddie car displayed here was Scott's Mom's dad's toy. So, that is certainly a treasure.

The musical train lamp was found at a local thrift store, here in our area, but it was being held on a Silent Auction. I knew it would be perfect for the vintage theme I was doing in the nursery at the time. And since I thought about it (after seeing it a couple of times) enough, I decided to add my name to the roster and place a bid on it. I really, really hoped I would win the bid. Needless, to say, the day I received a phone call saying that, that was the case - I was so excited.

You might not be able to see them very closely, but I love the 3 vinyl/cloth-like books that my Mom gave to me. I have a hard time figuring out how to display them well. So, any suggestions would be great. I thought about framing them - but, nah! then I can't look through them.

I want to share this poem that I found by an Unknown Author, it reads.

"What makes a home?" I asked my little boy, and this is what he said:
"You, Mother, And when Daddy comes, our table is set all shiny, And my bed -
and, Mother, I think it is home because we love each other!"
You who are old and wise, what would you say If you were asked the
question? Tell me, pray.
And simple as a little child, The old wise ones can answer nothing
more- A man, a woman, and a child- their love,
Warm as the gold hearth fire along the floor, A table, and a lamp for
light - Only the old, sweet fundamental things.
And long I learned- Home may be near, home may be far, but it is
everywhere that love and a few plain household treasures are.

~ What makes a HOME?~

Although, antiques and treasures abound... the kid's room or nursery (as we still call it) certainly needs to remain a practical and functional atmosphere, and, it serves us well. We are so grateful for the blessing that our children are to us, but the fact that we also can provide simple homey blessings... is much, much more then some can do. And we can understand that.

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