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Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday's Finds - My vintage greeting card organizer

Do you and your friends and family still send "snail" mail back and forth? Do you ever get those thoughtful notes of encouragement from time to time, that just bring a smile to your face? Do you still send handwritten notes , rather then those quick emails?
You should. I know I need to do it more then I do.
On a side note, my sister, Gladys, puts me to much shame in this gift of handwritten notes and letter exchange. She just KNOWS HOW to find THE PERFECT CARD for every occasion. And, it's not even the words, per say, it's the picture or the feel of the card's paper, or the font... she just knows how to do it. I love it!!
When was the last time you sent that note - Just Because?
Perhaps an idea like mine will make it a bit easier for you.
I saw this cool, very creative "greeting card & stationary organizer" idea in one of my many favorite magazines (can't remember which one it was now, but you know the kind) and thus, I began my search to find a suitcase large enough to hold all my cards and "stuff".

I happened upon this one, at a yard sale, several years ago. I think I only paid $ .50, maybe $ .75 cents for it. But what a find it's been. I'll admit it's pretty heavy when I go to move it around but for the most part it stays put on the end of my work table, up in our sewing room/office.

I just love that everything is conveniently contained in one place.

I usually find GREAT cards, either with pretty cheap prices or on $ale somewhere. When I find I'm getting low or the selection is getting skimpy, I stock it back up, "when I can". I love knowing that I (will usually) have a fitting card tucked away for that needed occasion.
Yes! I admit - I'm a picky collector of cards and stationary. They have to be just right. Sort of like what my sister finds... the paper has to have the right feel about it, the font is "totally me" (whatever that means) and the picture (if there is one) well, it needs to
be charming in nature. It's hard to explain...
The funny part is that I'll have, from time to time, one of my other sister's (even one my brother's did this to me, the other night) ask me if I have a card in my stash for something
that they need a card for. I think it's great!!
I love the feeling of reusing something as vintage as an old suitcase in order to help stay organized, in just one small area, such as my "stationary collection", etc.. It works for me as a decorating tool and also a good "hide all" - if need be.
Now, I just ( rather, must) need to add to my collection. I think a stack of three or four in various sizes, styles and colors would be so great.
: : What do you think?? Do you do something like this? Isn't it a great Idea?


  1. Fabulous! I love it, "Martha"!

  2. Great idea. I really need to do something like that. Picking out cards can be time consuming and it always seems like I need them last minute (like today for a wedding) so it would be nice to have a good stash on hand.

  3. Beautiful and inspiring......

  4. Awesome find and I love what you've done with it. All supplies in one spot....perfect! I too love writing letters. It's becoming a lost art. When I receive a letter or card in the mail I get so excited. I think when writing and sending a letter it takes time, reflection and solitude, something we should all take the time for. It blesses others and ourselves beyond measure. Blessings, Heather


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