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Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday's Finds - Where is that paper (from)?

I don't have a picture to share with you today - because how do you capture an answer (to prayer)?

I could post a picture of the paper found - but that would be sharing personal information that has no business being shared. But this is today's Friday Finds, in the most extraordinary of ways.

It all started one evening with Aubrey "refusing" to settle down for the night. So Scott was in the living room, lying on the floor, playing with Aubrey, and chatting with me while I was in the kitchen washing up the remaining supper dishes. Aubrey started in on the cookbook shelf. Now, I don't (always) like it that she daily cleans my shelves off, like she does. And, I thought I heard paper ripping - or at least, that is what I am "expecting" out of her. As I turn, I see Aubrey waving this piece of paper, and I'm like... "Scott!, get her..." only as we retrieve this paper, we're immediately VERY CONFUSED.

This is a piece of (what looks like rather important information) paper that I have never seen before. And, it is pertaining to my niece, Sarah. I'm racking my brain to figure it out - where and how would I have had this paper, let alone, among my cookbooks? I still don't know. And at the end of that little episode... I'm like; "oh well, I'll just see that my sister gets it, next week".

The next morning, I sat to the computer to send my sister, Rachel, an email to let her know what I found. Instead, there in my inbox was an email from her. It read, something like this...

"Hey Bevy, when I was down at your place the other day, I don't know, I
think I may have misplaced this (certain) paper, I need, for Sarah. If you
see it, would you get it to me -soon! I've looked everywhere around here
for it and I can't find it. Just checking."

I could not believe my eyes. I don't know about my sister but I immediately considered that an INSTANT answer to prayer. I honestly would have never found that paper had it not been for one busy little girl - playing with Mommy's cookbooks. And the fact that I had just found it the evening before. To this day, we have no idea how it got there... and we most likely never will.

But, the Lord knew. And he used it to stretch my faith in that sometimes what is not intended to take place, and, at the time, be seemingly not good - He will bring good out of it.
I was just glad to play a part in that whole thing. Well, actually it was Aubrey who was the one playing...

"Pray Continually". 1 Thessalonians 5 :17 - about everything. You'll never know what answers will come about.

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