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Monday, August 10, 2009

To Share Hearts...

"Girls especially are fond of exchanging confidences
with those they who they think they can trust; it is one of the most charming
traits of a simple, earnest-hearted girlhood, and they are the happiest women
who never lose it entirely".

~ Lucy Larcom

: : Do you have those "hearts" that you choose to trust?

I have just a few close friends (and sisters) that -though we don't get together as often I as I would like- it's just like this; an opportunity to get together comes up, shared over coffee, the kids playing together, and time runs out - so short, so interrupted.
So, we pull out our calenders and we (re)schedule a time together, all over again.
It's wonderful - to share hearts!


  1. Hi Bev! Stumbled across your blog by accident :) !! I love to read your thoughts - and you have a great eye and creativity. Thank you for sharing your life!

  2. so sweet :) thanks for the well-wishes for lucy! are you planning anything fun for your baby girl? Hope the heat isn't getting you down!

  3. I love that quote/comment. It's so very true. I think that it doesn't matter so much HOW MANY friends we have, it's having one, two, however many that get us and we get them and that we feel comfortable and safe with them. Hope you are having a wonderful day! Blessings, Heather


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