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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When life is "the pits"...count your many "cherries"!

"When upon life's billows you are tempest tossed, when you
are discouraged thinking all is lost, Count your many blessings, name them one
by one and it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.
Count your blessings, name them one by one..."
(and you can read the rest of these great hymn lyrics, here.)
" When life seems 'the pits', think of all the cherries
you're eating - with that!"
Okay, I just made that part up... but I guess, what I am getting at is this. Life is often, simply "the pits", it's so unfair, full of questions, uncertainty, trials...yet, there are blessings surrounding our many trials (big and small) if we can only STOP to think about it.
Currently, at our church, we've been going through a series on the book of James. It's an easy book to read but a hard book to apply. When James (1:2) says to "Consider it pure JOY, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds", that's hard stuff. Trials come in all shapes and sizes. But the blessings that come, with those trials, are even all encompassing. That's the good news! To have happiness is one thing, but to have joy - let alone, pure joy!- now that is a blessing in one's life. But, the only way to know that joy is to walk through trial again and again. That is so hard to say and even harder to understand... How does this actually work?
It's steadfastness and perseverance in that trial that increases our faith in God, which then results in a pure joy. James asks us to consider Job's perseverance and to then see what the Lord brought about - abundant blessing - resulting in a deep, abiding joy.
Scott and I are currently walking through a trial. He alluded to it in his recent post (Scott's Second Saying's). For context sake I'll just say it... knowing that the testicular pain he is having has been ruled out that there is no cancer, he says it makes the pain easier to bare. Still there is pain and discomfort. Lots of it. He actually is just back from a Dr's appointment this morning, that is only leading up to go to another Doctor for his opinion, and so on and so forth. There are questions. Uncertainty. Nobody knows....
But, the Lord does. That is where in the midst of "the pits", that we find ourselves in, there is a deep, abiding joy. We've prayed for healing...on Sunday, there was a sermon specific to this out of James 5. God can choose to heal Scott, instantly, if he desired. Yet, through this I've seen my man choose joy in his and our trial.... we continue to persevere through.
The bowl is getting empty, we've eaten a lot of cherries.
We've been counting our blessings-
naming them one by one.
Do you know what happens if you plant a cherry pit? You got it... it creates another cherry tree... and the cycle continues.
Just like the trials and blessing in our lives. It's a never once and done type of thing. They come and go and like our pastor alluded to in one of the sermons (in this series) if you're not currently in a trial -be full of joy- BUT, prepare, because one is coming. And, if you do find yourselves in the midst of a trial -be full of joy- because a season of blessing is coming.

Cherry Pie, Anyone??


  1. This is so true! How hard it is to find the Joy when we are facing pain.

  2. :) Thanks for the reminder Bev ! :)

  3. I'm sending some prayers your way Bevy. Great post. I love that song.

  4. What a wonderful and thought provoking post. I love the Book of James and you are so right, it's sometimes hard to apply. I think when we realize that there will always be trials in our lives and that the One who will be there for us and with us always is the answer. I will keep Scott in my prayers and you as well as this must be difficult. Hugs, Heather


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