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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Aubrey's Birthday Cake!!

With credit to Grandma Susie for the candles...
The event of the birthday party has since seen sunset twice...we celebrated Aubrey's birthday on Sunday evening. One year down (for Aubrey) and we're well on into the next.  It was hard, looking through ALL the many pictures taken, of her and the party, to see what I could quick post about. 
BUT,  LET ME TELL YOU... The recipe for this cake, found here, is an absolute must have for your next birthday party or for any other special event you may have, that is calling out for an "homemade" white cake.   This is absolutely the BEST cake I have made in a while- in this fashion! 

You will die... from lip-smacking goodness.  Oh my word!!  I will tell you, though, the icing is rich (some may think too sweet), but I thought it was perfect.  Check out the recipe over at Cooking During Stolen Moments.


Aubrey got a lot of sweet gifts...thanks to such a large and wonderful family!
 I just wanted to share one picture, with you, of her kissing one of her three dollies that she got.  I thought it was adorable.  And, yes! In case you're wondering, the black eye (more of a brush burn) is from a tumble down the stairs (not sure how far she was up) on the day of her birthday.  Poor thing.  Right out of the shute first thing Thursday morning.  That hasn't kept her from the stairs though, if for some reason she has beat me to them before the gate is up. 

She sure is turning into a little speed demon. ;)

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  1. White cake and white frosting (the sweeter the better) has been my FAVORITE type of cake!

    Oh, yea... going to use this recipe!


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