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Monday, September 28, 2009

Curtain Project

I told you on Friday that I would give you a full post on this curtian project, from last week and I didn't want to leave you hanging.  (haha!)  So here it is...

But first, I do just want to say one thing (or two). 
I will be quiet on here for the rest of the week because I want to concentrate on opening up my Etsy Shop on the 1st., which is Thursday.  Do come back, though, for Friday's Finds and Scott's Second Saying's on Friday, the 2nd of October. 
Can't wait to hear what my man has to say!

So here is the before picture of the corner in question.  The lace curtains are just that...lace curtains.

I love this corner, but I really felt something was missing.  I would sit and just gaze up and out the windows trying to figure out what it was.  I loved all the natural lighting that we had from the bazillion windows we had at our old house (where we just recently moved from) and so with this house - and only having these 3 great (old, tall, deep seated) windows and one window in the front door (which we don't use).  I didn't want to take away any light that we get coming through.  That's I why I am using lace curtains to start with. 

As I pondered the whole curtain scheme.  I could have done a swag or valance.  I thought about using vines or something with flowers. Yet, I wanted to keep in the spirit of the room and that meant using "the bare minimum" to keep the overall feeling of natural, vintage, antique, or whatever else you would call my style...in the living room.  But, the problem I was having with using a swag or valance was that it would probably darken the corner and take away any light that comes in from the very top part of the window.  I think it's because these windows are so tall - you can sit on the couch and really see up and out.  Okay,  so I'm rambling. Anyway...

It honestly was a matter of prayer for me.  Is that silly, or what, praying over curtains? but I just wanted to really take my time in finding something "just right" and INEXPENSIVE.  I am such a bargain hunter and so let patience "have her perfect work".  I think it really paid off.

Here is the fabric I found for only $. 49 CENTS A YARD!!  Is that cool or what?  I had decided to try and find something as sheer as I could - with some weight to it.  I had no idea what I would find out there.

First, let me tell you that I saw this curtain idea (either in a magazine, online or somewhere, but I honestly don't remember where I saw it, and it was fairly recent, too) and it basically looked like a valance was sewn onto the curtain making it into one piece.  I still wasn't fully decided on what color I was going to incorporate though.  The curtains themselves are sort of like a champagne color.  Our carpet is rust, I would say our couches our camel color and the pillows are with a rust/pinkish red design on them.  I have a lot of sage green going on in there as well as the dark woods and antique whites.  Well, I was thinking about all these possible color schemes and when I found this fabric (loved the price, too) it being a cream white, I figured it would certainly work.

Here I am sewing the finished hemmed curtain piece to to the actual lace curtain.  It was a little tricky I might add and being the "semi- perfectionist" that I am I cringed when I realized how hard it was to make it a straight seam across.  It covers well, because of how the curtain falls - it just looks like its a natural fold in the fabric.  So, don't look closely, if you come over.  There are crooked seams.

This is the finished design.  I like it!  The color is working for me, it's still pretty shear - meaning it lets light in and I think I'll let it continue to grow on me and I feel like I actually got a full project completed while the kiddo's napped one afternoon. 

: : Curtain project finished for this room.  Now, onto the next thing...


  1. The curtains are beautiful! (In fact the whole corner is lovely!!!)

    I wanted to thank you for your honest comments At the Well. Also, I wanted to encourage you to follow your children in this area of laughing. Like you, I can tend to be a little serious. I have learned to laugh by watching my kids (and taking the time to play with them). They find EVERYTHING silly. As I have looked at life through their eyes, I have been able to "let go" a little and be silly. We actually had a "food fight" last Christmas with our Jesus birthday cake (something I would never have wanted to do because of the mess.) Yes, it was messy. Yes, I spent some time cleaning up. But, it was FUN. (My kids are little older- 13, 10, 9, 6, 2) And, it is one of their favorite memories.

    I pray you are so blessed as you continue to "seek silliness"! :)


  2. They're soooo pretty! Well done! You and the Lord work well together~~and don't worry about them not being perfect. Only He does perfect work. We just do our best and those curtains look very good! There's nothing wrong with asking Him advice on curtain material~~He's our Daddy and likes us to talk everything over with Him. Blessings on your etsy site! I can't wait to see it! Have a great week planning. ;-)

  3. It looks really nice. I pray over the little things too. God loves to be consulted!

    I'm getting ready to open an Etsy shop too. Not by October 1st but soon!


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