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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

HOWDY!!! (3rd Times a charm)

We'll I bet ya'll thought I forgot......We'll guess what, I didn't. There ain't nothin' saying that I have to post in the morning...... In all honesty, Bevy has been asking me since Saturday what I was going to post about. The time sure has flown.

This last month has been quite interesting. First off, CONGRATULATIONS to KIM for her win in the "Bags by Bevy" giveaway. It was neat counting down and seeing what was to happen. I honestly thought and told Bevy, I bet we get some 10 o'clockers trying to pull an e-bay type last minute enrollment. We actually did not have any last minute'rs though.....

As you may have heard read, we pretty much lost our tomato plants. We had seven REALLY BIG ones growing. In high-n-sight we may need to (as Bevy mentioned) plant them next year in a contained object, like planters (you know those orange round things that hold plants).

Originally my post was going to be very short and brief of just a picture of me studying at our dinning room table. However, it appears we, at some point, accidentally deleted it. My caption was going to be "This is what I have been up to all month, any questions?" and let that be that. Well, since we seem not able to find the pic.....you get to hear my thoughts, and ramblings for about another month.

I go to see another specialist later this month on the 11th. We did go see another Dr, the other week, for a second opinion and he is OK with all the test and what-nots I have been going thru. He has offered to be CC'd on future test/exams/x-rays to be kept in the loop. So we will see what the Dr has to say then. I met with a dear friend of mine last evening at a church function. He had been in is native land of Kenya for the last month and was not aware of what was going on with me. It was rather nice to be able to talk to him in a fresh perspective. Of course, it also helps he has been thru RN school, so there was a better dialect as far as him being able to comprehend all the medical stuff of it all.

Looking into the future, we are REALLY looking forward to some friends of ours, from TN, comeing to visit. Bevy has been corresponding with a girlfriend of hers that her, and her family, are trying to make plans to get back up north here. It will be good to see them as it has been since April of `06, the last we visited. This visit though appears to be setting up for spring of 2010. I cannot believe we are about to put down the first decade of a new millennium (SOME ONE STOP THIS OUT OF CONTROL. SPEEDING BUS).........

Caleb and I went to the auto store tonight. We went this last Saturday as well and he is just growing up so much. Little Aubrey was left at the door, I am sure soon one day, dad will get to take her places too. Well I could now, but its just a little much to take two of them at once. Aubrey is really coming into her own; She is getting very aware of her surroundings and it is so fun to watch (Except at 2am the other night, YES! I got up with her, and was able to finally able to get her back down 90 minutes later).

Bevy is doing well. I must admit, I am a bear to live with sometimes, but she knows how to keep me in check. She does a lot to tend to our family, and unfortunately I do not get to assist as much as I would like at times. I am usually up early (5:30am) and studying, and then in the evenings after supper and playing with the kids for a few minutes I am back to the books from about 8:30pm-10pm. There have even been later nights than that -just from where I'm trying to get to a certain point in my studies. I try to do about 15 pages a day. This creates a lot of extra stress on Bevy, and not to mention when I do have free time I am usually working on something that needs fixin' or addressed (like the car!).

We look forward to the cooler coming months, and continue to rely and lift things up to God. By no means are we perfect at it; however, He is more gracious than we can ever fathom.

Make sure you stay tuned in for next month's rambles. In case you have not looked at a calendar lately, October 2nd falls on a Friday and we know what Friday's are.......FRIDAY FINDS!!!

Well until next month.


  1. Great to hear the man's perspective!
    Didn't realize/forgot that you are back in school?!?
    Medical tests??!? I will need to go back and look at other entries you had to catch up...
    Little children is enough to take care of...God bless as you juggle all of life! Praise God that life is soooo full! Indicative that we are ALIVE!
    God bless you with rest, honor and continued grace!

  2. Great "hearing" from you Scott :) I'm so glad you and Bev have one another. What a blessing that she has you to adore her as much as she adores you.

    Can't wait to see you all in the spring ! :)

    Mitzi... from TN !


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