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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My garden "daze"... soon over for this year.

Everyday I check in with the homespun heart, one of my favorite blogs out there, to see what Monica is up to. And one of her recent post's got me to thinking about my own "garden" experience this year - if you want to call it that- which I thought I would share a few of my "uhmmmms"... just to see what you think.
Where we live I really don't have room to put in a garden, so basically we put in a few vegetable plants along the front and side of our house in our two flowerbeds.  For the most part that worked out fine.  Things were growing great, until all of a sudden the tomatoes (all seven plants- these four, plus three other plants) took a real bad turn ( and NOT RED either!). At one point, it looked like I would have so many tomatoes (if they all ripened) that I would have enough to paint the town red. 
 I think know we got hit with the blight. BAD!  I know alot of other folks have too.  But, I am really dissapointed.  I honestly wasn't too concerned that I would get enough to put away by canning, I just wanted a few really good eating tomatoes, but IF I DID end up with alot I was certainly going to do something with them or at best, "share" them with the neighbors or whomever could use some.  No doubt about that. 
I also planted two very short rows of green beans.  I think only four bean plants took and so every other day I pick a small handful and that is often our afternoon snack for the day:  "Here kids, wanna green bean to chew on?" - the beans have been fun, to find, but I wish there were a few more plants... oh well.
I planted a 2x2 plot of red beets.  Only one shoot as survived out of that. I don't think they liked the mulch that was put on the flowerbed earlier this spring.  And only one pickle plant (HUGE) has emerged, in which I got a few cucumbers off of it.  But it's weird, because it seems like any time I go to look around for a few more cukes, by the next day, the plant then looks like its going to die. I think it may have died by now anyway.   Is that normal? 
Monica mentioned about her zinnias.  I planted mine from seed, (I've done it before with great success in variety of colors), but this year all I got were pink.  Pretty.  But - just pink ones.  Uhmmmm.  I think  maybe I will try starters next year.  I just love Zinnias.  Growing up we always called them "Old Maid" flowers, for some reason.  Does anybody else know about that, and why they would be called that?
They make such beautiful arrangements, and the more you cut them the more they make.  So, it seems.
Another flower that I love, and I'm so glad that these bloomed in bounty, are the Blue Salvia (I think that is what they are called).  These dry so beautifully... in case anyone wanted to know.   And another beautiful addition to any bouquet.  I don't think a season has ever gone by that these were not somewhere in my flower beds...except for at the house we lived at before living here. 
So, about these tomatoes.  I think for next year.  I am just going to do more of a container garden, since I can and have the room for them on the back porch - in full sun.  And just keep the flower beds (with a good mushroom topsoil and not mulch) for flowers.  But, one thing that I have read about with tomatoes and this blight is that I could pick tomatoes that are a good, solid green and not moldy, wrap them in newspaper and lay out in a cardboard box (no more then two layers)... that I should have tomatoes till Thanksgiving - unless - if we eat them all before that.  Has anybody else ever hear of this, or done this?  Any other suggestions are appreciated too.  I know that I have to get rid of these plants... soon.

Besides Mums.  What would work to plant for a Fall Garden/flower bed?  I feel I'm in a "daze"...


  1. My zucchini plants sound like your cucumber plant....the leaves look horrible but it keeping pumping out the sweet little greens...I have grated it and frozen most of the bounty this summer....besides mums....hmmm, not sure. Your flowers look great! I know sometimes the plants that get zapped in August from the heat can rebound a little bit in the Fall....but I am not sure if mine will....I think caterpillars are eating my petunias....not many blooms...gotta go wake my grade schooler....I will continue pondering the fall flowers and keep my radar up if I find out about any : )

  2. sorry, just realized that I signed off without signing....Kim.

  3. 2 ideas are pansies and flowering kale and whatever the other one is? I am drawing a blank. something else flowering like kale.


  4. I plant veggies in my flowerbeds too. I got quite a few tomatoes but something kept taking bites out of them this year. It's all trial and error, I'm finding out!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Interesting that we have similar backgrounds(conservative Mennonite). Yeah, I always figured I'd get silverware, a set of china or something when I got engaged. haha I do like my engagement and wedding rings, though.:)

    I would love to email you and share a bit more if you'd like. I still like to play the "Mennonite game" of who's related to whom and what church, etc. LOL!!! I didn't see an email link on your blog or profile but I do have one on my blog.

    Mary Ann


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