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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Redolent of Friendship"

My dear, sweet friend from TN just recently had a birthday.  I so badly wanted to bless her with one of my "Bags by Bevy".  While my Mother-in-law was here for a few days, last week, she insisted that she send me to my sewing room to sew while she watched the little ones.  I dutifully obeyed. (Thank you, Susie Mom!)

This is the bag that I came up with.  Red is one of Mitzi's favorite colors and it I thought it came together so well.  While trying to come up with a name for it... I always reach for the dictionary. (Interestingly enough, I know).
The word redolent came to the forefront as I was reading through. Here is what it means;

redolent (adj.) 1. having a pleasent odor; fragrant. 2.odorous or smelling (followed by of). 3. suggestive or reminiscent (followed by of). ie; stories redolent of mystery...

I just knew that this was a must-use word for the naming of this bag.  I wanted this bag to be a reflection or reminiscent of our "pleasent" friendship.  We are of such, kindred spirit, Mitzi and I, and I just wanted to bless her in a special way. 

Happy Birthday, Mitzi!! 

   ~Here is a peek of inside the bag~

In case you are curious, I have not forgotten about the "price list" that you all have asked about in regards to Bags by Bevy.  My husband and I are still working on those details.
We're getting there, but  life keeps getting in the way. ;( 
In fact, we think were going to open an Etsy Shop come
 October 1st.  Lord Willing!!
In the meantime, I have a few other sewing projects I've been working on. As well as, I have been busily obtaining more sewing materials, in order to continue to make more of my bags.  So, Stay tuned!!


  1. I love my bag and I love my friend who made it for me! :)

  2. Gorgeous bag! Your dear friend is going to love it!

  3. Beautiful!!! And what a special thing to be able to name a gift to give it even more meaning! Wonderful work Bev.

  4. I love the element of surprise when you look into a purse! I don't know what I like best about your "Redolent" bag, the outside or inside!


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