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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Corners of my Home ~ The upstairs bathroom!

For "Corners of my Home":  I just realized I have never shown you the upstairs bathroom that Caleb likes to keep "cleaning" for me.  It's actually another one of my favorite rooms in the house because I LOVE Shabby Chic decor and it's really the only room in the house where it works half decently.  I can just see my man rolling his eyes - right now.  Oh well...

This is the room where I would take the time to sit, think and pray.  Perhaps not verbatim, but in like spirit of author Emily Barnes, who said;
"Lord, may the love of Christ permeate my heart and life and spread its gentle fragrance into the lives and hearts of those I meet each day.  May the gentle but strong spirit of femininity in my life add beauty and meaning to genterations to come."

I guess this picture essentially shows you the whole room, while this next picture shows over the toilet.

It might be hard to distinguish what the framed piece is there on the left.  But it is a marriage certificate for my Dad's parents, Paul L. and Aquilla B. married in June of '44.  I actually was born on their 30th wedding anniversary.   Here is a picture of it a bit closer...

The lettering is faded, yet I love it!!  I just only hope I don't harm it more by having it hanging in the bathroom with all the "moisture" in the air from taking showers, ect.   They don't make marriage certificates like this anymore, I don't believe.
Oh, the things I ponder while sitting... ;) 

And this flooring is so old.  Looks like it might be even more "ruined" with all the water damage it's received as of a couple of days ago.  The tiles are buckling up and chipping.   You can't really notice on the picture though.  I just love the pink and blue.   I wonder, but I think at one point the bathroom walls must have been REALLY PINK - back in their day.  I can tell by some of the paint coming through in spots on all the walls and behind the old radiator.  Thank God, the walls are painted white now.  It makes it look ever so pale pink - which is really nice for my shabby chic decor.  I'm acutally laughing at myself, as I write.  There is real Shabby Chic and then there is Bevy's Shabby Chic.  Oh well, I work with what I've got.
                  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I have always loved these painted signs for bathrooms.  I knew I could come up with something on my own.  And so one day, while I was still single, I ventured down to the basement of the old farmhouse that I had lived in at the time.  I happened upon the "perfect" sized board.  I pulled out my pencil, ruler, acrylics and paintbrushes and went to town.  Freehand.  Come to find out later that the board actually belonged to a set of shelves for a bookcase that actually belonged to the apartment.  Oops!  It is very bowed, perhaps that is why it was down there in the first place, so it really wasn't the perfect board afterall - but it works great for this BATH sign.

~Gotta love these wide windowsills~

These are a few of my favorite things that are also a part of our regular display - and all the while useful.  Many a night (more so while I was still single) I would light the candles, fill the tub and soak up to my neck in bubbles, sip hot tea or cocoa and read a good book.  At the time I would call them
 my "ro-tic" nights - meaning romantic without the "man".  Now days - it is always romantic!!  Yes, it is!! even if it means I have to clean the bathroom (For Real! - Because I declare it's time to do so and NOT according to Caleb.) while I'm still in there; with the door shut, and after I have just showered. 

But, this is the only room in the house for quietness and alone time.  And then it doesn't happen much,
now does it?  Come on, you all know how it is...

: : "Thanks Honey, for indulging my Shabby Chic taste and letting me keep it this way.  Can we do a few candles tonight?"


  1. you can come "shabby chic" my bathroom anytime you want to! Just please don't make me paint the walls, I LOVE my red walls~

  2. Great bathroom and I love all the white! I am a huge fan of things that are white!

  3. thank you so much for your encouraging words and prayers for my sister shauna. i cherish and appreciate them very much.

  4. That's a cute room! I love Shabby Chic- cottage style decor as well. So homey, I think!

    **Funny- some friends of mine and I used to say ro-tic instead of romantic before we were married, too. :-)


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