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Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday's Finds: Surprise!!

Yesterday, I was over at my mom's - all day - doing applesauce.  I wished so badly that I had my camera with me to capture the beauty of all those apples.  My mother has the most wonderful OLD (antique) white bowls with the red rimmed edges.  It was picture perfect. She has several of these bowls, which I know she recieved after my grandparents passed away.   I told her to pass them on when she is finished with them.... she just smiled.

Then she surprised me with this old (extra) canner...

You see, I don't have one yet.  I really want  need a canner of my own.  And unknowingly, she had two.  When she realized it the other day, she thought of me.  I will have to get the rest of the "equipment" that goes along with canners and canning, but I was thrilled! Then, yesterday,  I sorta got "thrown into the fire" as we were in a race against time to get all the apples cooked, processed through the strainer and into the canner. 

My mom needed to leave for work around 5pm. and we weren't near finished with everything.  So, I stayed to finish up.  Great experience. Long day... my hands are stained and calloused or cut.  Proof of hard work.  I honestly thought I would be more tired - but it wasn't too bad.

I believe we got over 60 quarts of "apple goodness" and we kept some out of the process for eating and baking.  The kids were along with me but well taken care of by their uncles - who happened to be home yesterday - which was so nice!

After, getting home and still marveling over the fact that I now have a canner.  I said to Scott, "Watch out! for next year".  But rather then keeping the canner on a shelf or in a closet somewhere until next canning season, I decided to "display" it in my kitchen and rid the one corner, I had ,of extra dry goods.

SURPRISE!!!  I just think I found a new creative way to keep things tucked away - it's useful - it's at my fingertips, and it looks nice.  Of course, it sits off to the side looking like it does in the first picture, but you had no idea that something was inside, now did you??  ;)

"Thanks Mom"!!


  1. Ahhh, Applesauce! That's what I am tackling tomorrow! Love the creative use for your canner. I wish I had more room in my kitchen. I would display mine, too.

  2. Glad you got a canner! I was lucky enough to pick one up at a yard sale for $2 right before we got married. That's a good idea for using it for storage. I don't have room for anything that large in my kitchen but I do store my canner full of canning supplies-my jar lifter, foley mill and such.

    I'll be making applesauce probably next week! I've got some big bags of apples to work up. I did make and can some crock pot apple butter this week that is delicious!

    Oh, I love those antique bowls like your mom has!

  3. Yeah, I forget what those white bowls are called... enamal or acate? And, I'm not sure I'm even spelling either correctly...

  4. My kids and I are going over to a friend's house today to "do" applesauce. I can't wait!


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