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Friday, October 30, 2009

Oven Baked Fries - Bevy Style!

On Sunday, we had the opportunity, with spur of the moment planning, to have dear friends and family over for lunch.  I knew my sister and her family were coming but wasn't 100% sure about the friends of ours coming, until Sunday morning, at church. Actually, it went more like this.  They had sent an email, late Saturday night, that said they were not planning to come but then later (Sunday AM) asked if it would be alright if they had changed their minds, that they wanted to come over anyway.  The only thing was, was that they would need to bring their friend Joy along, if that was okay?   "Sure!!  Why not?"

That was totally fine. I knew between my sister and I - we had come up with a menu, enough for all:
*Cheeseburgers (on the grill) * Oven Fries* Green Beans * Salad* Apple Crisp/Ice Cream*

~Oven Baked Fries~

I thought I would just share this recipe with you all.  But really there are no specific MUST USE ingredients, other then acutal potatoes and butter.  Its really up to you to decide what seasonings you would like to use.  And it also depends on how many wedges you want to make. As you can see in the picture, I use:
Parmasean Cheese * Seasoned Bread Crumbs * Garlic, Garlic * Lemon Pepper * Salt/Pepper * Paprika *
6-8 medium Potatoes (peeled and cut into wedges) and not quite a full stick of butter.

I usually will put the oven temp at 375* or 400* (depends on how crisp I want them and how quickly they need to be done.)  In this instance, I put about 2-3 Tab. of cold butter in my large bar pan and stuck it in the oven while the oven was heating up.  Doing that melted the butter, too.   At this point is when I would then peel my potatoes (except my hubby peeled them for me the night before and we put them in water, to keep from browing).  It's usually perfect timing -by the time I'm done peeling, the pan is HOT and the butter is nicely melted.  The pototoes get spread out evenly, and everything gets sprinkled on in whatever order I grab the ingredient in.  It's all to taste.  I will save the paprika for last, followed by about several pats of butter sprinkled randomly around.  Pop into the oven, and in about 45 minutes you've got a great side dish.
: : Give the potatoes a quick toss with a metal spatula at the last 10 minutes of baking, to ensure even crispness, also, making sure that they are finishing baking.  Taste test?!?! ;)

By now your kitchen is smelling divine, and your guests will be wondering what you did - at least mine were.  Well, my sister knew essentially what they were made with because this is one of those "family favorite" dishes that our Mother would make - all the time, because we begged her too.  Imagine nine kids "fighting" over the last oven-baked fry. We loved them then, and now, so does my family (and friends).


  1. Oh Jen, these are - no matter for how large a family or how little. This is such an easy recipe and I think the more that you make them the more "perfected" they become, if you know what I mean? I also think that doing them with the stone pan adds to their crispness, but maybe that's just me.

    I forgot to mention that I like to use Sour Cream to dip mine in and Scott will make his own dip - mix of Mayo and Ketchup. To each his own!!

  2. I keep trying to leave you a comment...not quite sure if i'm doing this right! Anyway, I'll try to make those fries tonight. We are having a craving for them!


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