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Thursday, October 8, 2009

~A quick overnight...

This is my version of a very quick overnight bag... just thrown together.  But wait!  Let me explain it...

Last week, Thursday, October 1st, was the best day for me... just fun...action packed...exciting!!
I was preparing to go the following evening for a ladies overnight with our care group from church.
Except, that I remembered from last year that I didn't have an overnight bag.  I told myself, last year, that I needed to get myself one - or, little did I know, that I would be this ambitious, this time, this year, and make myself one.  Which is what I ended up doing!! 
Now I had, had the fabric - waiting - I was "thinking" about what lining fabric I had wanted to use (using what I had around the house, no time to do any shopping) and really, what style did I want it to be anyway?

The thing was, was that I had forgotten about doing this project until Thursday afternoon.  Can you believe it?
I think it was because I had launched my Etsy Shop to start on the 1st, and so that was on my mind.

Anyway, It was nearing two o'clock in the afternoon.  I remembered this project.  So, with little ones in tow -stealing my scissors, throwing toys around in the room, etc. - thus, began my version to a quick overnight bag.
I know my general rule of thumb for my bags is to not have a closure to them, but this felt different.  I felt it needed something.  So, I found some dark sage green, grograin (LOVE, this!) ribbon, leftover from our wedding and implemented it into the bag to be used as a closure type thing - but totally optional in usage.

I like how it turned out.  The colors compliment each other very well, and the fabric liner that I used is honestly some vintage fabrics that I had gotten - who knows where, but so long ago.  Love the buttons!!
 The bag itself is deep and roomy, and has several large pockets inside for all those "toiletries".  I must say I was rather surprised myself to have finished it up at around 11:30 pm that evening.   Of course, dinner was in there, cleaning up the kitchen, getting the little ones down for the night...
Oh, AND we had surprise company that evening, too!  Get this, an old friend of mine from school, with his two little girls, stopped in "randomly" to see if there were any apartments available for rent in this house.  He had no idea that we lived here.  So of course, we had to sit around the table for coffee - all of us.  It was great to see him again.  His daughters are so adorable and I wish his wife was along... oh well, maybe another time.  All that to say, Thursday was just a really good day.

So, that's my version of a quick overnight bag.  I had a blast using it on Friday night and Saturday with the ladies get together and sleepover. That time together in and of itself was far better then any of my accomplishments.  I needed a quick overnight with the girls (we watched Anne of Green Gables too)... How fun is that?

 I am really considering adding this "overnight style" to the Bags by Bevy line... What do you all think?

: : Oh, and I need to still come up with a name for it.  Maybe it isn't finished after all...

Wait.  Perhaps I'll call it, "My Yellow Rose of Summer".


  1. Love it! You pick and match fabrics/patterns really well (SO not my forte!) How is your Etsy shop going? I've been making some crocheted items (little things like scarves/hats/wine bottle cozys), and i was thinking of setting one up just for the holidays. Was it complicated? A lot of record keeping? Do you feel it gets good traffic?

    Hope you are well! KEEP the bags COMING!

  2. Thank you, Steph. I appreciate your kinds comments here. I am excited that I am on etsy. I don't know about the paperwork side of things as I haven't had any sales -YET!! The day will come I'm sure. My hubby helped out alot with all the techie stuff... I am not so good in that department. And, yes! I think the "traffic" that I'm getting is okay - it's moderate. I've heard that it can be slow. But, as they say slow and steady wins the race. So - for now - I'm okay with slow.

    I have not forgotten about you and the request I made awhile back about having you do a "product review". Are you still interested?

  3. I fixed that!! I'm your first customer! Woo hoo!!!!

  4. I think you should add the overnight style to your Etsy shop~~it's a wonderful idea. I like the little "B" you put on the one you already have in your shop,too. It gives it a nice, professional touch. Keep up the good~~GREAT~~work!!


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