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Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend ramblings...for good reason.

What a great weekend!  Despite all of us getting hit with slight colds and earaches... it was great - and jam packed, as usual.  This was the weekend to do our monthly grocery shop, out to Lancaster (my Mom and brothers drove along, again) - except that this month was more like a 6 week stretch... so, it was interesting to see how close we came to running out of everything.  Poor kids, even their diapers posed a problem.  Thank God! for some Swimmies left over from during the summer that "worked" for a few hours so that right after church, on Sunday, we could immediately head to Costco.

Saturday, I MADE MY FIRST SALE ON ETSY!!!!  that was the "funnest" part of the whole weekend...well, besides sitting with my hubby in low lighting on Sunday evening for a mini date.  We put the kiddo's down early - because, for some reason naps and Sunday's aren't going too well.  They were exhausted and let us know it.  But, after they were down and asleep... we sat at the dining room table, with low lighting (Scott's idea) and sipped coffee, and had Bavarian Apple Tart  (I will share this recipe with you soon  tomorrow!) and Vanilla ice cream. 

I had saved two pieces of dessert for us to share while I packed up the rest for him to take to work today.  The company was having some type of "picnic" and he signed up to take a Veggie Pizza (which I made last evening), so I thought why not, I would just quick make this apple dessert to send along.  Just cuz.  The oven was already hot (from making pizza crust) anyway...might as well be efficient about it, right?

We even got to squeeze in a few loads of laundry.  Then the dryer need to get fixed (which we think it is now, thanks to my man).  Talk about projects...
Yes, well, this sale on Etsy, totally surprised blessed me. I cried. Tears of joy of course. And it was actually someone I know (one of my faithful commenters) from my Church, so that makes it even more FUN!!  Thank You, so much Kristy!  Scott was the first to see the notice, I wasn't even home (I had to quick run out for something) and so he saw this and with all serious and "almost upset like" (he had to be that way to keep himself contained, because he was just as excited) - he says, "Bev, you need to read this email.  You need to sit down now and, well, just see what you think about this..."  I can't remember everything he said, but it scared me.  "Like, what did I do or say now"?  We laughed.

One of the "sad things" that happened, over the weekend, was that I left my sewing machine in Lancaster, Co.  I needed desperately to get it cleaned and serviced...so, it was planned.  It's just that I am without it for a few days.  I do have my Grammy's machine (hers needs the same thing done) - but I have a mysterious feeling (can't put my finger on it) as to why I feel funny using it.  The only good thing about leaving it behind, is that it gives good reason to go back out there. ;)

: : How was your weekend?


  1. Yeah! So glad to hear that you sold your first bag! I bet that was an awesome feeling!

  2. Congrats on your sale!! Good for you. Love your new background too Bevy...very stylin':)


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